Maintain These Items Under Your Pillow To Encourage Health

With our busy schedules, we frequently struggle to keep up with our exercise and eating routine, but what if we told you that there is more you can do for your health, whether you have time or not?

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A few Vastu techniques have the potential to improve both physical and mental wellness. Please take note that none of these treatments have a 100% guarantee of success. Exercise, staying hydrated, taking medications as prescribed, getting plenty of rest, adhering to a balanced diet, and consulting a specialist are all recommended for maintaining good health.

Coins financial prosperity – The coin represents prosperity in both health and finances. Place it in the East before going to bed to reap the benefits. Additionally, it will draw good fortune.

Knife To Banish Dark Dreams- Keeping metal blades beneath your pillow is a tip you can try to find mental calm if you are experiencing nightmares because of stress. Keep the knife’s sharp head pointing upward and wrap it in some cloth for your protection.

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Using Scented Flowers to Promote Sleep- You must have seen people lighting incense sticks and using scented candles to make a relaxing and cosy atmosphere. It encourages slumber and mental tranquilly.

Similar to this, you can put fragrant flowers under your pillow before going to sleep. It will aid in calming your senses and encouraging marital happiness.

Bhagavad Gita To Draw In Good Vibrations- The Bhagavad Gita is a sacred text that is followed by followers of Lord Krishna. It is thought to attract good energy and help you through difficult times. It can be placed under your pillow to fend against evil spirits.

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Many people also hold the opinion that you shouldn’t read with the book resting on your legs or the bed. We advise storing it right next to your pillow on a nightstand. Avoid eating or storing anything on its cover, please.

Cardamom to Attract the Sleep Goddess- Cardamon or green chilies under your pillow are said to summon the Goddess of slumber, according to Vastu Shastra. You may get a sense of relaxation and stress relief.

A Jug of Water Can Help You Stay Healthy- Before retiring to bed, keep a copper water jug next to your pillow. It can be kept on the floor or on your nightstand. It is thought to support healthy health. Additionally, if you get thirsty at night and wake up, you can drink water to fall asleep again.

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Use Of Fennel Seeds To Remove Rahu Dosh- Fennel seeds are related to removing Rahu Dosh in Vastu Shastra. Stress that can be impairing your health and mental tranquilly might be relieved.

Using Garlic Cloves to Attract Good Energy – Before going to bed, the expert advised putting garlic under your pillow. It can draw in good vibes and encourage sound slumber. Keep the cloves in the jar if you do not like the scent.