Every user should be aware of these popular whatsapp features

Over 2 billion people use WhatsApp, making it the most widely used messaging service. Its widespread user appeal, particularly in India, is largely due to the combination of end-to-end encryption and cross-platform interoperability. The Meta-owned platform has added a lot of beneficial features, both large and minor, during the last several months. In order to get the most of this app, here are 5 new WhatsApp features that everyone should be aware of.

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Send high-definition photos

In order to maintain image quality and details, Meta has now enabled a feature that enables users to share high-definition (HD) photographs straight on WhatsApp. Both Android and iOS users may now exchange HD pictures on WhatsApp. In a similar vein, Meta is reportedly working on allowing WhatsApp’s HD video-sharing capability.

Instant video messages

On WhatsApp, you may reply to a message with a little video. The ability to transmit brief movies while speaking with friends and family is a brand-new feature that gives Meta’s WhatsApp a whole new dimension.

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Mute unknown callers

If you’re tired of getting calls from random people on WhatsApp, the Meta-owned messaging service now offers the option to automatically silence calls from random numbers to increase privacy. Users may now choose to silence incoming voice and video calls from strangers to avoid being bothered by them.

Edit messages

Have you recently sent a hastily composed WhatsApp message that you wish to repeat? The platform now enables users to change a text message on WhatsApp, so you may do the same there. A SMS message can only be modified once every 15 minutes, and the receiver will be notified when this happens.

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Secure private chats

A new layer of privacy has been introduced to WhatsApp with the addition of Chat Lock, which allows users to lock certain chats and ensure that they can only be viewed with authentication. This feature is especially useful for those who may have to share their smartphone with others.

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Chat lock

Another wonderful addition that has been long overdue is chat lock. Up until this point, the only options for hiding chats were to archive them or lock WhatsApp. Now, though, WhatsApp chats may be individually locked. You may accomplish this by going to the profile information page of any chat contact you want to lock. The ‘Chat lock’ option may then be found by scrolling down. Enable “Lock this chat with fingerprint” on the following page, authenticate, and you’re done.

Same WhatsApp, Multiple devices

We may now utilise the same WhatsApp account across various devices, according to WhatsApp, after years of waiting. Therefore, using the feature is quite similar to using WhatsApp Web. Consider that you wish to run WhatsApp on a separate phone. All you have to do is that. Simply download WhatsApp on the new device, then hit the three dots in the top-right corner to choose Link to existing account when you are on the screen asking for your phone number. Then, using your primary phone to scan the QR code, you may use two cellphones to use the same WhatsApp account. Additionally, you can use four separate devices at once, which is quite cool and practical.