4 Vastu suggestions for Diwali celebrations to bring prosperity into your house

The celebration of Diwali is one of joy and light. This holiday stands for triumph over adversity, light over darkness, and wisdom over ignorance. Families can gather together to celebrate the holiday of Diwali. Diwali puja, which is a prominent component of this holiday, is when Hindus worship the gods Ganesha and Laxmi in order to bring luck and wealth into their homes. A month before the event, preparations get under way. The Diwali Puja, carried out according to Vastu principles, is said to promote positive energy in the home.

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Bear Directions in Mind- Diwali puja is conducted in the evening, and according to astrology, it’s crucial to make sure the puja is completed in the appropriate direction. This is because it could have an effect on the home’s energy. Puja should be performed in the northeast since it is said to be the location of the gods. Another favorable direction for puja is the south-east. Puja should be performed with your back to the east.

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Decorated according to Vastu- Use of the colors red, green, violet, cream, and yellow is advised for decorating reasons according to vaastu. Making a swastika rangoli at the puja site is also seen as lucky since goddess Laxmi loves the swastika emblem.

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Don’t keep broken idols within your house- Before Diwali, the house has to be completely cleaned. After cleaning, don’t allow the waste pile up within the house. Along with this, make sure there aren’t any damaged idols in the house (learn how to clean diwali idols at home). Such idols should ideally be submerged before the Diwali ritual.

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Bring The Idols According To Vastu- Establish clay statues of the goddess Laxmi and the deity Ganesha for the Diwali (meaning of lighting diyas in diwali) puja. The goddess Lakshmi’s idol must be dressed in crimson, orange, or pink, and its face must be joyful and in a blessing position. Get the Ganapati idol with his trunk facing left in accordance with Vastu.

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