Popular Shopping Markets in Bangkok

Bangkok is a dangerous city for pickpockets, but it’s also difficult to resist the urge to buy something from one of the many markets that are open all the time. Even when it gets close to midnight, there are tents across Bangkok offering goods including clothing, food, drinks, and trinkets.

We put up a list to the top markets in Bangkok that should be on your schedule if you’re searching for a place to shop for yourself or to buy a pasalubong for someone else.

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Pratunam Market- If you’re prepared to compete with other shoppers for the best (lowest-priced) goods, then the Pratunam Market is the shopping area for you. The busiest section is where garments are sold, whereas other areas where accessories are offered have less foot activity. The air-conditioned Platinum Fashion Mall is located just across from Pratunam Market. There are slightly more expensive goods for sale than normal, which may be because of the rent. This mall is particularly essential if you’re convinced that you can negotiate a lower price, especially if you want to buy in quantity (purchasing in bulk equals lower price).

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Chatuchak Weekend Market- Take the BTS train to Mo Chit station and follow the travelers heading to the Chatuchak Weekend Market if you’re spending the weekend in Bangkok. Everything you can imagine is available at this shopping paradise, including apparel, accessories, footwear, books, toys, cuisine, beverages, desserts, snacks, and more. Particularly if you’re visiting this weekend market for the first time, it’s simple to get lost in its labyrinthine alleyways. Therefore, if you see something you want, just purchase it. Since most of the booths are similar, you probably won’t be able to return to that store.

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Jodd Fairs- The Jodd Fairs Night Market, one of Bangkok’s top night markets, has just moved to the Rama 9 district. It is your go-to place for scrumptious snacks, cool drinks, and fashionable clothing and boasts an incredible artay of more than 700 booths.  The castle attraction beside an open field is Jodd Fairs’ attractiveness if you need a break from all the dining and shopping. You have a choice between taking 1,000 photos against the stunning castle backdrop or sitting down on the grass to stretch your legs.

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Pak Khlong Talat- Originally a fish market, Pak Khlong Talat has transformed into one of the most well-known flower marketplaces in the whole globe. It is also thought to have the third-largest orchid flower market worldwide. Almost every type of flower is available at this market, which is busiest at night and early in the morning when the flowers are being delivered. Pak Khlong Talat seems to be a floating bed of flowers in the water from a distance, with a variety of flowery scents filling the air. Take a boat along the Chao Phraya River for a more picturesque alternative than taking a bus to get to this market.

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Rod Fai Night Market- Bangkok is home to the well-known Rod Fai Night Market, also known as Train Market. In this outdoor marketplace at night, you may look for antique items. You may purchase a variety of vintage apparel items, novelty goods, and antique findings at a fair price.