Top turmeric creams to give your skin a golden sheen

Indian cooking frequently uses turmeric, a spice with a golden hue. Turmeric is incredibly beneficial for skincare in addition to its health benefits. Its primary active ingredient, curcumin, possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. Because of this, turmeric is a fantastic natural treatment for a variety of skin conditions. Many skincare products, including face masks, ubtans, face creams, and more, have included turmeric, or haldi as it is known in India. The best turmeric creams for radiant skin are what we’ll tell you about.

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What are turmeric’s benefits for skincare?

Turmeric can relieve irritated skin, encourage an even complexion, and lessen acne and its scars. Turmeric’s anti-aging qualities can also make wrinkles and fine lines less noticeable, giving skin a more youthful, radiant appearance. Turmeric is a common ingredient in natural beauty products because it can produce healthier, more radiant skin when used on a regular basis in skincare regimens. Because of its strong antioxidant properties, it is a useful ingredient in skin care products. It can also be used to lighten skin tone because curcumin lessens the production of excess melanin.

Popular Turmeric creams available in India

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Lotus Herbals Radiance Turmeric Cream

Turmeric, which has antioxidant properties and can help rejuvenate your skin, is an ingredient in this light serum. Its ingredients, rose water and sandalwood, calm your skin and give it a lovely texture. All skin types can benefit from this rich product, which brightens your skin to give it a naturally radiant appearance.

Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream

One of the oldest skincare brands, this cream relieves burns, pimples, acne, and boils. This Ayurvedic cream focuses on overexposed surface cells to give the complexion a more radiant, brighter appearance. Moreover, all skin types can use this cream.

O3+ Vitamin C & Turmeric Glow Gel Cream

Avocado oil is used in the formulation of this skin cream because it is rich in potassium, lecithin, and other nutrients that are great for hydrating and nourishing the skin. It gives skin more moisture, keeping it supple and shielded. Additionally, it moisturizes dry skin, lessens irritation and inflammation, and improves blood flow to avoid redness.

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 Jiva Turmeric Cream

Its composition feels light on the skin and is non-greasy. The turmeric cream works well for all skin types and seasons, and it’s perfect for daily use. Additionally, the turmeric in this cream helps to lessen acne scars, and the sandalwood extract balances skin tone and gives skin a healthy, radiant glow. There are lots of antioxidants.

K P Namboodiris Turmeric Cream

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Wheat germ oil, licorice, and turmeric are three organic, time-tested herbs that are added to this cream. Its unique formula is meant to be used as a face fairness cream, but it also transforms the texture of your skin, minimizing dullness and leaving it smoother and more radiant.