Best Health Tips for women above 40 which will improve your overall Personality

Health is considered as the most valuable asset for every individual .Good health is a overall package where your body is disease free and a complete physical, mental, social and spiritual well being is also there. As our age increases the metabolism of the body slower down. We are in a situation of pandemic from last 2 years and still continuing the situation so we have to make a perfect balance between our personal and professional lives. Work from home is the new trend in the organisations now and women are so burdened while making a balance between the work and family life and compromising on their Health. Experts advised some health tips for women above 40 which will give you major health benefits.

Healthy Breakfast

Start your day with a healthy breakfast. As per experts breakfast is the main meal of the day so never skip your breakfast. Eating breakfast daily is essential for healthy lifestyle. You can eat oats, Eggs, Avacados, Blueberries, Chia seeds as per your choice. You can include whole grains, proteins, low fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables to eat in the breakfast.


Exercise daily if you want to live a healthy life especially in the age when you have crossed your 40s. You can do any kind of physical activity in morning at least for half an hour if you can’t devote much time. You can do jogging/running, yoga. Simple exercises at home can give you good health benefits.

Stress Management

Always set your limits of work and say no to the extra burden on you. Excessive stress will make you weaker inside and will harm your physical as well as mental health. Don’t rely on alcohol to relive stress it will harm your body later on. You can do meditation, practice deep beating and physical exercise. Good nutrition will also help to relieve you from stress.  You can manage your social media time and always interact with your friends and family instead of being alone. Too much stress can cause high blood pressure and anxiety problems and increase your heart rate which will cause heart problems. Aging will be a sign of taking too much stress  so follow the tricks of stress management to avoid stress problems Good nutrition will help you to relieve from stress easily you can add Avocados, Bananas, Broccoli, Dark chocolate ,Pumpkin seeds  and spinach in your diet.

Vitamin D and Calcium

Many women take vitamin D and Calcium supplements to make their bone health. You can take foods which are naturally filled with calcium like milk and salmon, cheese, leafy vegetables and soybeans. Some fruits are full of calcium like Apricots, Kiwi, Oranges, berries, Pineapple, Litchi and papaya.

Protein Diet

If you have mood swings you can increase your protein intake. Foods rich in amino acids will balance your mood swings and helps in symptoms of depression and Poor memory. Foods like eggs and fish mushrooms are a great source of proteins which will balance your mood swings and cheers your mood.

Health checkups

If you have crosses the age of 40 you have to do the routine checkups with the Gynaecologist, eye checkups , Blood pressure, Cholesterol, Thyroid and mammogram . Routine pelvic examination and ultrasound will help you to detect early symptoms of ovarian cancers.  Some cancers like Breast, Ovarian and cervical cancer are detected in last stages and cause the death of the patient. So it is recommended for all the women who cross age of 40 to do the routine checkups to be healthy and disease free in your life.

Socialize with friends

Always get connected with your friends not only over social media but in person also. It will reduce your stress levels and give you a balanced social life which is mandatory for healthy living. If you are living a healthy social life it will decrease the risk of heart stress which will lead to heart strokes, diabetes and many other diseases.