How you can tackle Extreme Heat wave during summers

Summers are in its cruel mode now. The Temperature has raised 49 degree you have to take care of yourself in this extreme hot weather. Here are few ways you can adopt to prevent heat wave exhaustion during summers. Severe heat wave and sunrays caused a variety of ailments. It will affect your health in adverse ways.  People who have respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses.

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illness caused by extreme Heat

1. High Body temperature

2. Nausea

3. Sweating Patterns

4. Severe Headaches

5. Rapid Breathing

Steps you can take to protect yourself from Heat waves

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1. Hydration – Staying hydrated is essential throughout the summer it keeps body running smoothly. Sweating is caused by excessive heat which decreases your energy. You can restore the energy level by drinking more water and mineral rich fruits like water melon, lemon and kiwi.

2. Eat fresh salads and fruits- Always stay away from oily food and spicy foods which will cause indigestion. Stay away from spicy food and meats and heavy foods. If you want to refresh yourself with salads and fruits.

3. Drink water from Clay pots– clay pots are best for drinking cold water with full minerals. It is gentle for the throat and can be easily consumed by people suffering from a cold or cough as this water is good for health also.

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4. Not to go outside during Peak hot hours- Don’t go out when the temperature outside is too hot to bear. Always settle your work in evening when the temperature is bit cooler. If you are working continuously in heat outside stop and cool off for sometime if you feel faint or lightheaded.

5. Use cap and umbrella and sunglasses – whenever you step out in summer cover yourself from harmful rays of sun. Take umbrella, Cap and sunglasses to protect your skin.