Follow these tips to get naturally Pink lips

Dark lips will be cause lack of confidence in you and will make you self conscious and definitely be a cause of concern. A pretty smile is the best thing you can wear but a petty pout also matters. So many people face the problem of dark lips and there are possible reasons behind dark lips. Chain smokers, lack of hydration, over sun exposure will be the reasons behind the lip discolouration.

Main Causes of Dark Lips

Lip colour will vary from person to person. People with darker skin tone have darker lips it is quite normal and colour of your skin depends on the increased melanin in the skin. Sometimes cause of dark lips is hyper pigmentation. Some common causes for dark lips are pregnancy, smoking, sun exposure and some allergy of medicines. If you are using lower quality lip products like lipstick it will damage the skin of your lips and darken its tone.Due to some state of condition if the tone of your lip colour is dark you can make them pink by adopting some home remedies.

Remedies to get pink lips naturally

Use a homemade sugar scrub

You can scrub your lips with sugar scrub which can be easily made at home. Take one tablespoon of sugar and add one tablespoon of almond oil and honey in to it and scrub gently on your lips as the skin of lips is very sensitive. It will moisturise your lip skin and will remove the dead skin. if you will scrub your lips on regular basis the lip colour will lighten in few days and you will get rosy lips again.

Exfoliate your lips

Gently rub your skin with toothbrush or wet towel. it will remove the dead skin of lips and improves blood circulation. You can apply coconut oil on lips for as balm and it will give you soft pink lips.


Drink more water to stay hydrated whole day it will prevent the dry and chapped lips skin. it will help you to lighten the tone of your lip colour and will give you pink lips naturally.

Strawberry and Aloevera

Apply strawberry and aloe vera gel in equal quantity and mix them and apply them on your lips . Massage gently on your lips and it will give a natural pink colour to your lips

Turmeric and Milk

Turmeric is very well known to treat pigmentation and milk is naturally hydrating the lips. Just make a paste with milk and turmeric and apply on your lips it will lighten the dark tone of your lips and you will get pink lips