How you can make your skin crystal clear this summer  

Glowing skin is different for different people. Some people take it like healthy and radiant skin is Glowing skin. Some people think that glowing skin is the skin with natural glow. Healthy skin does not mean perfect skin. Skin can be healthy and glowing but with some normal features like visible pores, fine lines and wrinkles, birth marks and some blemishes. There are so many factors affecting your skin texture. Some people have dry and dull skin sue to their genes. Some conditions of skin is truly genetic. Sometimes change in Hormones will change your skin texture like pregnancy and menopause. If a person is suffering from some medical problem his skin can be affected due to the excessive use of medications. Extreme temperatures and environmental conditions and too much sun exposure is another factor which has a negative effect on the texture of your skin. lets discuss how you can achieve a natural glowing crystal clear skin.

1. Hydrate- staying hydrated is most important to achieve a crystal clear beautiful skin. You have to consume a recommended amount of water daily and moisturise your skin daily in morning and evening. Drink at least 6 glasses of water every day to stay hydrated and healthy. Water can do amazing things for your skin and health.

2. Clean Your face- wash your face at least twice a day and use a good moisturiser and sunscreen after that by following a strict daily routine for skin you can have a glowing skin naturally.

3. Good sleep- Always take a beauty sleep for glowing skin when you sleep the skin repairs itself produces collagen and repairing wounds. Adults need 7 hours of sleep for a better skin and healthy body.

4. Exercise- Exercise in a cool environment daily for good skin. You can do three exercises like balloon pose Tapping pose and fish pose. It will improve your facial muscles and increases blood circulation. Tapping gives a natural glow to the skin and improves blood circulation.

5. Green Tea- Experts advice that consumption of green tea daily is good for healthy body and clear skin. Green tea contains antioxidants which nourish, heal and detoxify your body. You can also apply homemade green tea facials or moisturiser for crystal clear skin

6. Honey- Apply honey on your face to have clear skin as honey contains vitamins and minerals which nourish the skin. Honey has good properties which will moisturize your skin and soften it.

7. Coconut oil-coconut oil is good for moisturising your skin. It will help to make the skin clear and infection free

8. Rose Water- Rose water is one of the most commonly used remedy for clear skin. it has anti aging properties. It promotes the production of collagen and tones your skin.

9. Turmeric- it is natural antiseptic agent which treats cuts wounds and pimples and acne. It has skin lightening properties which will reduce your spots and blemishes.

10 Tomato-Tomato contains lycopene a powerful antioxidant which protects you from sun damage and gives you healthy and radiant skin.