5 Best hanging restaurant in India to have adventure of dine in sky

If you want to get adventure in dinner go for amazing and unique dining experience of “dine in the sky”. Hanging restaurant provides the guests enjoy the tempting delicacies in the sky. Fly dining is popular in India Metro cities like Bangalore, noida, Kolkata. Hanging restaurants not only offers quality food but other activities like games. You can add some thrill and exhilaration to your meal and can have dinner or lunch at 100 feet above the ground. Let’s explore best restaurants for sky dining

1. Hanging Restaurant, Bangalore- Hanging restaurant Bangalore is one of the most famous hanging restaurants. Bangalore is the first city who started the concept of fly dining restaurant in India. It is ideal for those people who are looking for a unique dining experience. You will be seated in specially made room 100 ft above the ground in the air. You can have bird’s eye view of India’s Silicon Valley. It offers four time slots between 4:30 PM and 8 PM. You can experience mock tails or full meal in the air.

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2. Fly dining, Noida- In noida you can have dinner at a height of 160 feet. You can view great India palace mall, worlds of wonder and other buildings. It can accommodate up to 24 people. You can make your reservation between 6 PM and 10 PM and 12 AM. Seats are on limited availability so you have to reserve your seat in advance.

3. Biswa Bangla Gate, Kolkata- Biswa bangla gate is again one of the best hanging restaurants in Kolkata. It is made of reinforced glass with laminated silicon sheets which is strong enough to handle all kinds of weather conditions. This restaurant can accommodate 72 people at a time and you can have 360 degree view of the city. The cafeteria and dining hours starts from 7 to 8:30 Pm and 9 to 10 Pm. You have to book your reservations in advance to have dinner over there.

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4. Fly Dining Goa- In Goa during Fly dining you can have an adventure as diners are elevated above the anjuna cliff for an Ariel meal which is along Goa’s gorgeous coastline. You can book it for your personal parties like wedding anniversary or birthday celebration

5. Sky dining Gujarat- Gujarat is also having sky dining restaurant in Rajkot which is one of the best hanging restaurant it is placed at a height of 50 meters and you can enjoy table, games, conferences and celebrations here. It can accommodate 16-22 people at a time