Tips to remove negative energy from your sweet home

Negative energy exists and present around us. Negative or bad energy in house can result in illness, arguments and quarrels in the family. It will create laziness in the house makes people depressed and bitter. It will drains out positivity from our mind so it is very essential to clear the negative and bad energies from the house. Try simple tips to clear out the negative energy from the house.

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1. Open the windows for sunlight and fresh air let the natural sunlight come in to your room and clear toxins and negative energy out from your house. Fresh air will revive your senses and clear the negative thoughts from your mind.

2. Clean and organise your house and remove unwanted articles. Always organise your clothes in almirah and declutter the area to relieve from stress and negative energy.  Donate those things which are not in use now and keep the clothes folded and stacked in to almirah. Use wardrobe organizers and boxes to keep small things.

3. Use sea salt as to detoxify your home from negative energy. As per vastu salt has quality of absorbing negative energy. If you keep sea salt in a bowl it will remove negative energy from your home.

4. Keep vastu plants to remove negative energy from your home.  As per vastu tulsi plant is an auspicious plant and absorbs all the negative energy from your house. The lucky bamboo plant brings health and fortune. Money plant, peace lily and spider plant bring good feelings and present good vibes. So by keeping these plats at home you can remove negative energy from your house.

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5. Place water fountains at home to attract good energy. Place it at the right direction will attract good energy.  The ideal direction of placing water fountain is north. Install it in the living room near the main entrance to prevent negative energy from entering your home.