Health Benefits of drinking water

Drinking water has so many benefits to our body. It will keep our body system function properly. Temperature in summers soars outside. So staying hydrated is a daily necessity. We have to know what is the ideal amount of water we have to consume in a day. We have to drink water according to the body requirements. Drinking too much water can lead to bloating. Let’s discuss the health benefits of drinking water.

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1. It carries nutrients and oxygen to our cells

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2. It helps in flushing bacteria from our body.

3. It helps in proper digestion

4. It helps in preventing constipation.

5. It will regulate the body temperature and normalize the blood pressure.

If you are not drinking enough water it will cause dehydration. Some common signs of dehydration include weakness, low blood pressure, dizziness and urine which is dark in colour.

Best time to drink water

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1. Always drink water one hour before meal. it will help your body to absorb the nutrients of the food and make your body healthy.

2. Always drink a glass of water in the morning to fight sicknesses and strengthen the immune system.

3. Don’t drink water between the meals and it hampers stomach digestive powers. You can sip a little water with your meal.

4. Avoid drinking water while standing as it can hit your kidneys adversely and can lead to arthritis.

How much water you can drink in a day

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Drinking too much water can lead to bloating so drink water according to your body requirement. Water is important but you need to drink only enough water not forcefully more. You have to judge the water requirement of your body. According to experts a healthy body need 3-4 cups of water everyday