Favourite Tea time snacks in India which will cherish your taste buds

Monsoon season in India is almost here at any moment. Our craving for pakoras and kachoris will hit the roof and bhutta is another favourite. Rainy evenings are almost incomplete without favourite tea time snacks. We make a list of favourite team time snacks of people of India.

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1. Crunchy vegetable Pakoras– monsoon season is incomplete without crunchy vegetable pakoras. Monsoon brings cheers and joy on our faces and we have cravings for our favourite fried foods. Rather than ordering snacks from outside you can make delicious and crunchy vegetable pakoras at home and serve it hot with imli and green chutney and Tea

2. Vada Pav- Vada pav is most favourite snack of Maharashtra. A boiled potato spiced mesh shaped in to balls  and dipped in gram flour batter  and deep fried  and served as sandwiched in a pav or bread with chutney . nothing beats the Delicious taste of vada pav in rainy season.

3. Baked Kachori-  kachoris can be healthy if they are baked  you can made them with spiced urad dal stuffing and eat them in a healthy way by baking it. You can try different stuffings like coconut or kache kele.

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4. Aloo paneer tikki- hot tikkis are all time favourite snack in monsoon. Hot favourite recipe of crispy fried tikki served with delicious chutney. You can even use the same mixture on breads and can make delicious sandwitches.

5. Corn bhel- Monsoon is incomplete without corn. A steam boiled corn with chutney or a corn bhel chat. Nothing beats the taste of corn in monsoon season. It is a right mix of tangy and spicy to enjoy on a rainy day.

6. Aloo chat- Your favourite street foods can be recreated in your home. Special aloo chat is every is every potato lover’s dream come true. Sizzling potatoes with masalas over it served hot with green chutneys will give your taste buds a treat.

7. Idli Manchurian– left over idlis can be turned in to a delicious meal by tossing it in to yummy sauce and spices this will make your rainy evening in to a delicious retreat.