Foods you should avoid if you are facing problem in Liver

Liver is main Organ of the body which is about the size of a football. It sits under your rib cage on the right side of your abdomen. It is an essential organ for digesting our food and is helpful in getting rid of toxic substances. Problems in liver occur due to different reasons like virus, alcohol use and Obesity. Early treatment may give the liver time to heal.           

Symptoms of liver disease

1. Yellowish skin and eyes

2. Itchy skin

3. Chronic fatigue

4. Nausea and vomiting

5. Loss of Appetite

6. Dark urine colour

7. Abdominal pain and swelling

We are harming our liver in many ways by consuming poor diet to overdosing of medicines. Fatty liver disease is emerging as rising cause of liver damage. We should consume a healthy diet and control on those things which can cause harm to liver. Avoid having those foods which are harmful for your liver.

Foods you should avoid if you are facing liver problem

1. Alcohol- Alcohol is the cause of major liver problems. It will lead to inflammation and cell death over consumption of alcohol will lead to cirrhosis which may lead to vomiting blood, jaundice and liver cancer.

2. White Bread, pasta and rice- white flour is highly processed and it will raise your blood sugar more than whole grains as it lacks fiber.

3. Red Meat– Red meat has a bad impact on your liver as it is difficult to digest and excess protein can lead to fatty liver diseases.

4. Sugar- Too much consumption of sugar will definitely have a bad impact on your liver. Raw and refined sugar which is usually found in candies and sodas will damage your liver. So always avoid usage of those foods which has too much sugar content in them

 5. Fast Food- if you love burgers, pizzas  French fries and chips these food items are difficult to digest and can give you fatty liver disease.

6. Fried foods- fried foods are high in fat and calories which can cause bad effect to your liver.

7. Foods rich in salt- cut off your salt intake to minimum if you want a healthy liver. Excess salt can lead to water retention in the body. Avoid having processed cheese as this has high sodium content avoid packaged savoury snacks like chips and biscuits as they are rich in fat and salt.

8. Baked food items– experts suggest that bakery products should be completely abandoned from your daily diet chart as these items are high in sugar and can lead to obesity. These foods also have fat content which can lead to various liver diseases. Primary ingredient of these product is white flour which is difficult to digest and rise the fat accumulation in the liver.