Add these foods in to your diet if you have low hemoglobin

Hemoglobin is red substance in blood that carries the gas we need to live oxygen and contains iron. It is an iron rich protein found in red blood cells who is responsible for carrying oxygen and transporting it to all parts of the body. It is an important protein which is crucial for leading a healthy life.

Signs and symptoms which shows your hemoglobin is low

1. Fatigue

2. Weakness

3. Pale skin and gums

4. Shortness of breadth

5.a fast or irregular hearbeat

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If we talk about the normal hemoglobin level in adult men is around 14 to 18g/dl and for adult women is 12 to 16g/dl anything which is less than these levels can result in anemia.

Foods which helps in increasing hemoglobin

1. Beetroot- Beetroot is one of the best foods to consume if you want to increase your hemoglobin level it is high in iron and folic acid along with potassium and fiber if you want a good hemoglobin count you should consume beetroot daily. You can consume it raw as well as cooked form

2. Green leafy vegetables- Green leafy vegetables like spinach mustard greens, broccoli  are great sources of iron these are all natural sources of vitamin B12  folic acid and other necessary nutrients. Green vegetables are low in calories and good source of dietary fiber.

3. Dried fruits– Dried fruits like dates raisins and figs are full of iron and vitamin. Figs are packed with iron and Vitamin A consuming figs and dates will provide you instant energy and improve your hemoglobin very fast.

4. Nuts and seeds– if you are eating nuts and seed it will improve your hemoglobin deficiency fast. Seeds like black sesame seeds will increase your iron intake as they are loaded with iron, calcium, copper and zinc.

5 Fruits – you can consume fruits like apricots, grapes, bananas  pomegranate and watermelons which will improve the hemoglobin count in your body very fast.

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6. Vitamin C- Vitamin C rich foods like berries, oranges, bell peppers also help in increasing hemoglobin levels in your body. So consume vitamin c rich foods daily to balance your hemoglobin levels.

7. Iron supplements- sometimes diet only cannot fix your hemoglobin count  so you need iron and folate supplements to increase the hemoglobin count. But you must consult your doctor before going for any supplement.