Vastu Tips to follow to restore peace and harmony at your home

Happy and peaceful family relationships at home are our biggest asset. We will do every possible effort to bring harmony in our relationship with our spouse, in laws, kids and other family members. Vastu tips are important to follow if we want to restore happiness and Peace in our family. As we know if we want to grow in all sectors of life there should be peace and harmony required at your home energy. sometimes there are issues between the mother in law and daughter in law and sometimes there is husband wife quarrels on daily basis. Vastu science will provide some tips which you can follow in your daily routine and it will restore Peace in all your relations at home.

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Vastu tips you can follow to maintain peace at home

1. You have to clean the south west corner of the house clean and clutter free as south west corner represents the female owner of the home and light up this area with lamp if you want complete peace at your Home.

2. if you keep a clear crystal stone at your home it will maintain the positive energy at your home. It will declutter your mind and bring all the positive energy at your house.

3. North east place of your house has all the divine powers and this area should be used for prayer or meditation.  Kitchen should be avoided at this place as it will encourage aggressive behavior which can harm relationships.

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4. If you sleep in your head faced to south it will foster more understandings between relationships

5. Use light colors at your bedrooms it will bring cooling effect on minds of people living in it. Dark shades should be avoided to restore peace at home.

6. If you want to place important papers cash or jewellery  choose the southwest corner of the house. You can put it along with the other clothes in the closet of the room.

7. Discard the broken and unused items out of the house. Broken things prevent the easy flow of positive energy so you should not keep them in your home for a longer period of time.

8. You can place one statue of Buddha at your home for peace and harmony it is also a good symbol of prosperity.

9. Place family pictures on the southern wall of the house to bring peace love and improve relationships.