Indian Women Freedom fighters who fought for independence against all odds

India will celebrate 75 years completed of freedom this year in 2022. Lets have a look at the women freedom fighters of India

1. Rani Laxmibai- Rani laxmi bai also known as rani of Jhansi is one of the known women Indian freedom fighter. She is a sign of patriotism courage and self respect. She became a symbol of resistance to the British Raj for Indian nationalists.

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2. Sarojini naidu- Sarojini naidu is a poet and an activist and played a great role for independence from the britishers. She became follower of mahatama Gandhi and became part of freedom movement. In 1947 she became the governer of united provinces she was the first women to hold the office of governor in the domination of india.

3. Basanti Devi- Basanti devi played important role in freedom movement. She became the active member of several political and social movements . she continued with the social work after independence and awarded the padma vibhushan for his commendable work.

4. Savitribai Phule- she was a social reformer and poet and played an important role for improving women rights in India. She is the main leader of feminist movement in India.

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5. Mahadevi verma- she is a great figure in Hindi literature. Her work shows welfare development among women. She is popularly known as modern meera bai. She was married yet chose to live an ascetic life. She was  a good poet as well as painter and translator. She got Padama vibushan in 1956 and 1988 for her work

6. Kasturba Gandhi- She was the political activist and raised her voice for civil rights.  She work closely with freedom fighters and worked equally. She played a significant role as a leading women freedom fighter.

7. Bhikaji Cama- she was the leading  women freedom fighter of india. She is also known as madam cama. She helped many orphan girls to lead a prosperous life. She always became active and want to make women empowerment applicable in India.