Top Non Stick Tawa for your daily kitchen requirements

The best cookware is available in modern kitchens, allowing for the best cooking experience. It significantly affects how savoury and delectable the dish is. One of the most important cooking tools is the tawa. Many cuisines, including Dosa, Cheela, Prantha, and pancakes, may be prepared with it. There are several types of tawa available right now, but the non-stick variety is a popular and high-quality choice. Lets discuss best Non stick tawa for home use.

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Best Non stick Tawa for you can Pick for you

1. Hawkins Futura Non stick tawa- The longer-lasting PFOA-free nonstick coating is bonded to durable, hard-anodized metal. While creating a dosa, you should use a Hawkins dosa tava since it has the ideal curve and thickness. The heavy gauge metal is 4.88 mm extra thick, which enables quick and uniform heat transfer and good heat retention. It is appropriate for use with ceramic, halogen, gas, and electric stoves in the home. Little under 1700 will be the cost.

2. wonder chef Granite Non Stick dosa tava- This dosa tawa has a professional-grade, five-layer Meta tuff nonstick coating. It is tested for abrasion resistance over 7000 cycles. Even after repeated use, the continuous interior wall without rivets keeps it sanitary by preventing the buildup of food residue. It may be used on any type of stovetop surface, including gas and induction cook tops. It costs only 1299 INR.

3. Pigeon Non Induction base Non stick tawa- The nonstick coating technology used in Pigeon cookware is of the highest calibre. With the biggest benefit of hassle-free cleaning, it is available in a wide selection of items to cook a huge variety of genuine Indian cuisine. A one-year warranty is included. It features a three-layer Greblon nonstick coating.

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4. Amazon Brand Non Stick tawa- For ordinary cooking at home, use a nonstick tawa with a two-way nonstick coating. The cooking surface features a 3 layered, food-grade nonstick coating, and the upper layer is finished with a high temperature resistance (HTR) coating. It is made of a durable material and has a cool touch. Its thickness is 2.9 MM, and its weight is 630 Gm. The handle is made of bakelite and provides a secure grip. It is perfect for making pancakes, dosas, rotis, and bhakris.

5. Prestige Aluminium Omega Select plus Non stick tawa- this is non stick aluminium tawa with 1 year warranty with scratch and abrasion resistant technology. It is metal spoon friendly with sturdy handles  with residue free cooking. Prestige  omega select plus cookware comes  with a 3 layer Teflon non stick  residue free  coating  which not only uses less oil and also it is metal spoon friendly. So it is healthier, use friendly and long lasting.

6. IBell Nonstick tawa- it is good for cooking chapatti, dosa . it has full space comfort and strong Bakelite handle. It is scratch resistant  with standard warranty of 6 months and additional 6 months warranty on free registration . it is easy to handle and clean and not suitable for induction cook tops. This non stick coating requires use of minimum oil.