Popular Electric Tandoors available in the Indian Market

Electric tandoors are a perfect kitchen appliance for modern kitchens. So if you love to cook delicious tandoori food items at your home it is a perfect appliance for you to buy. So many tandoors are available which are electric and having a durable body with corrosion free heating elements for continued usage. Traditional charcoal tandoors require a longer time to cook food and the with best electric tandoors you can make mouth watering dishes like Pizzas and chicken and nann in minutes

Lets discuss best electric tandoors models available in India

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1. Wellberg electric tandoor- it is designed with extra safe heating elements and is shockproof, making it perfect for tandoori-grilled foods. You can grill paneer, chicken, and veggies on it. It has a sleek appearance and is lightweight. This tandoor is equipped with a stainless steel heating element that may last more than 10 years and is blast and corrosion proof so it can be used continuously. It can be employed for roasting, toasting, and baking.

2. Glen Electric Tandoor 1100 Watt Silver- You may savour tandoori food in the comfort of your own home with a Glen Electric tandoor. It has a lengthy lifespan because it is made of superior stainless steel. It boasts a modern, streamlined appearance. Healthy cooking uses a clay tandoor similar to the traditional one. It has a selector knob with 4 settings that you can choose from: Top, Bottom, Both, and OFF. For energy efficiency, the wattage was kept at 1100W with the use of insulation and reflectors.

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3. Mini Chef Electric Tandoor- it will use power of 2000W. It is shockproof and does not require preheating before cooking. It is a great choice for intimate gatherings. With this, you can cook healthy, oil-free tandoori tikkas that are crispy and juicy. In comparison to ovens and microwaves, it can cook food considerably more quickly and warm/reheat fast meals without overcooking it.

4. Hot Chef Electric Barbeque Grill- Dual heat control and a timer are included with the Hot Chef electric tandoor. It is thoughtfully constructed with a three-mode heat controller that carefully and evenly cooks your food from top to bottom, ensuring that it is never over or under heated. It is perfect for tandoori grilling. It is built of stainless steel, iron, and toughened front glass; it is completely sturdy and shockproof. You may use it for hassle-free cooking, which helps you prepare your meals in the healthiest way.

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5. KGF 16 INCHES Electric Tandoor- KGF 16 in an electric oven with 9 presents tandoor, grill, bake, or cook. It can use 2000 watts of power and uses 1.5 units per hour. It has an extra safe heating element made of shockproof material that eliminates the need for preheating. You can reheat quick food without overcooking it and defrost frozen food. It includes a pizza cutter, a jaali, a sikh, and six nonstick heating element sheets.

6. HOTLIFE “21 Inches “Big XXL Upper-Lower-Both & Regulator system electric tandoor – The HOTLIFE Electric Tandoor has a stainless metal body and a modern appearance for modern kitchens. It makes it possible to cook healthily, similar to how traditional clay tandoors work. To facilitate the effective preparation of a variety of delicacies, three heat settings are provided. The energy-efficient heating elements crisp the food while preserving the flavours and liquids of the meal. The see-through window enables better views of the food being prepared inside. This tandoor is a useful product that uses only 2000W of energy, saving you a lot of money on your electricity bill. a business that is ISO 9001:2015 certified.