The Man in Power -Interesting Facts about world’s 3rd Richest Person Gautam Adani

Mr. Gautam  Adani is founder and chairman of the Adani Group  which is Ranked among the top 3 industrial conglomerates in India. He is 3rd richest person shows the Bloomberg Billionaire Index. He has net worth of $137.4 billion.

Adani Group consists of 7 Publicly listed entities with a combined market capitalization in excess of $242.73 billion (as of August 29, 2022) with business spanning in Energy, Ports and logistics, mining and resources, Gas, Defense and aerospace and airports.

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Some important facts about Gautam Adani

1. Gautam Adani was born in Gujarati Bania family and has a business background.

2. he has worked as a diamond sorter for Mahindra brothers for 2 years.

3. His father was a small textile merchant.

4. Gautam Adani was a college dropout he enrolled for bachelor degree in commerce at gujarat university but dropped out after second year.

5. He is a great visionary during his school days he visited Gujarat Kandla Port and on this day he decided to build something like that in his life or even bigger than that and he chased his dream which came true in a bigger dimension.

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6. He was a self made millionaire at age of 20 years he made his first million within three years of life as a diamond broker.

7. he has amazing negotiation skills  he obtained the Udupi thermal power plant in a 6000 crore rs deal. This negotiation process lasted for 100 hours only.

8. he always gives 3% of his earnings for philanthropic activities like free education to children from low income families.

9. he has one life mantra which makes his super successful. He focused on trying rather than obsessed with the results.

10. he is the master brain behind India’s port Rail linkage Policy.

Major companies of Adani Group

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1. Adani Enterprises

2. Adani Green Energy

3. Adani Ports and SEZ

4. Adani Transmission

5. Adani Total Gas

6. Adani Power

7 Adani Wilmar