Applying Kajal in Baby Eyes is safe or unsafe; Explore

In India applying kajal in Newborn eyes is a custom. It is believed that the eyes will become wider and good looking and beautiful with applying kajal. However doctors recommend not applying kajal in the eyes of the newborn as it can damage the eyes of newborn baby. Let’s discuss applying kajal in the eyes of newborn is safe or unsafe.

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This is quite true that babies look beautiful and graceful after applying kajal but we have to be sure that the kajal we apply in eyes of newborn is safe and chemical free. Newborn baby eyes are very delicate and can be hurt with small things. Chemical exposure in the eyes of newborn can lead to lifelong complications. Let’s discuss some side effects of applying kajal in newborn eyes.

1. Risk of Infection- baby eyes can get infected with the kajal application as eyes of newborn are very sensitive and while applying kajal with bare hands can cause bacteria formulation in the eyes of newborn. The bacteria can be behind the infection of eyes. While bating if kajal extracts goes in mouth it can also be hazardous for child health.

2. Itching- Applying kajal or surma in baby eyes can lead to itching in the eyes of newborn. If you will buy kajal from ordinary stores it can be unsafe for baby eyes. itching will cause redness in the eyes of baby and hamper the brain development.

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3. Skin Infection- sometimes baby rub kajal on his eyes with his hands so they can have skin infections as well they can get pimples , rashes or irritation on the skin.

4. Watery eyes- when we apply lots of kajal in child eyes it could cause watery eyes. Eye allergy can be triggered with extra application of kajal in the eyes of child. Too much accumulation of of kajal around the corner of the eyes of baby can develop major eye infection.

5. eyesight effect- when we keep on applying large amount of kajal in newborn eyes it can damage the area between the baby’s eyes called cornea. This part of eye is very delicate and can have adverse effect on the eyesight of the child. Vision is equally important for newborn eyes. So always take care of your baby’s eyes health.