Top 5 most expensive stocks in India

Expensive stocks – Most of stocks in Indian share market are traded below 1000 per share. Some stocks are at a range of Rs 1000. It is difficult for the small retail investor to invest in expensive stocks. it is not necessary that  expensive stocks indicates the company valuation in the market. It can be linked to demand and supply situation of the stock. Liquid stocks have lower prices as compared to illiquid stocks lets discuss higher value expensive stocks which will make your portfolio stronger.

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MRF (Rs. 84154) as per sep 2022

It is a Indian based company engaged in manufacturing distribution and sale of tyres for various kinds of vehicles. It is basically indulged in manufacturing of rubber products like tyres , tubes , flaps  tread rubber and conveyor belt. This company manufacturers tyres for passenger cars two wheelers, trucks, services tubes and flaps.

MRF has the highest share price in India among all companies Listed on BSE and NSE . MRF share lifetime high is 98599 in 2016 the price of MRF share is 41425 and MRF share price in 2021 was 96479 rupees. The reason behind its high price is that this share never split and backing of strong fundamentals.

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Page Industries (Rs. 49100) as per Sep 2022

A page industry is an Indian manufacturer and distributer of innerwear, loungewear and socks. its popular brand is jockey and it has exclusive license for distribution of Speedo international products which is leading swimwear brand. Company stock is on higher rate due to strong fundamentals and backing of two strong brands.

Honeywell Automation (Rs. 41570) as per Sep 2022

Honeywell Automation India LTD is a part of Honeywell group USA and is a leader in providing integrated automation and software solutions. It has a wide product portfolio in environmental and combustion controls and sensing and control. This stock has provided high returns of +10000% in 22 years strong fundamentals is the reason behind its high value in market.

3M India (Rs. 22889) as per Sep 2022

3M India ltd is the subsidiary of 3M Company USA in India. It has good portfolio of products like Dental cement, healthcare, cleaning. It is also manufacturing adhesives, paint protection films, window films and signs. Past 10 Years financial record analysis shows that 3M India Ltd is a good quality company.

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Shree Cements(Rs. 24398) as per Sep 2022

Shree Cement Ltd is a leading manufacturer of cement in North India. The company market their products  under three brand names Shree Ultra Jung Rodhak Cement, Bangur Cement,Tuff Cemento. The company also in business activities of power , Cement

 This company has strong prospects of growth in future  due to government push towards infra development.