How you can soften cracked heels at your home in winters

If you are unhappy with your cracked heels we will help you in this matter. Cold weather is responsible for cracked heels and sometimes it is very painful and even worsens over time if not given special attention at the right time. You can soften your heels in the comfort of your homes. There are some home remedies you can easily follow at your home and get rid of the cracked heels immediately.

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Main causes for cracked heels

1. Spending a lot of time standing

2. Going barefoot or constantly riding open-end bicycles

3. Taking extended, warm showers

4. Employing rough shoes

5. wearing footwear that does not support your heels

6. Your feet aren’t moisturized.

Tips and tricks to follow to get rid of cracked heels

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1. Use heel balms- heels balms are best moisturizers for cracked heels. It will nourish your heel skin exfoliate the dead skin cells and soften the affected areas. You have to apply the heel balms which are soft on the cracked heels and heel it immediately.

2. Exfoliate heels regularly- if you want softer heels you have to remove the dead skin cells of your feet on regular basis. You can easily do it by dipping your feet in to lukewarm water for 15 to 20 minutes and rub the food scrubber immediately after this it will remove the hardened skin of the feet and exfoliate the affected areas.

3. Apply honey on cracked heels- honey can be quite beneficial for the cracked heels. It is full of antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. it is not just moisturize your cracked heels but also keeps the infections away from your feet.

4. Apply coconut oil at night- coconut oil is full of anti fungal and antibacterial properties that’s why it acts as a great moisturizing agent for cracked heels which will keep the infections away from your feet. It provides the instant nourishment to your cracked heels and give you relief from the feet pain.

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5. Use covered footwear- if you are facing regular cracked heel problem in winter it is suggested to wear closed back footwear like shoes and sandals during winters. If you will wear open footwear the dry heels will get worse by the effect of dry weather and dust. You can also wear socks to protect your heels from dust and dry weather if you want to go with open end footwear.

6. Follow natural remedies- some other home remedies also being so much fruitful for cracked heels during winters like you can soak your foot in vinegar and can use olive oil vegetable oil for moisturize the cracked heels  you can even use Shea butter on cracked heels . You can exfoliate the skin of feet with oatmeal mixed with oil. drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated . 7. Epsom salt- you can also try to smooth your feet and heels with Epsom salt bath it can be bought from any drugstore. You can get relived form the heels pain and cracked