Reasons behind Suffering from cancer at an early stages of life

Cancer cases are rising among young Adults and middle aged people there are several reasons behind this early onset of cancer like Alcohol consumption,  disturb Sleep pattern, Obesity, Smoking or unhealthy diet like consuming too much processed or Junk foods. Cancer is the main reason behind the death worldwide. You can reduce the risk of cancer by doing lifestyle changes Over decades we have seen that more adults who are less than age of 50  are developing cancer. The onset of different kinds of cancer seen in people like breast cancer, Kidney or lung cancer, Blood cancer mostly Uterine, thyroid and kidney cancer are linked to obesity  which are increasing among young adult and children due to their poor eating and sleeping pattern.

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We can categorize the causes or factors of cancer in to as Changeable or Non changeable causes. Changeable causes are alcohol consumption, obesity, dietary food, stress, absence of exercise Non Changeable factors like genetic factors like hereditary cancers which is transferred through genes from generation to generation.

Main reasons behind cancer in Early Age

1. Inactive Lifestyle- Inactive lifestyle is the main reason behind cancers. Many people died worldwide due to their sedentary lifestyle with major chronic diseases like type II diabetes Stroke and cancer different types of cancers like cancers of Breast and colon is linked to obesity. Physical activity is important in cancer prevention.

2. Unhealthy diet- if You are eating a diet full of vegetables and fruits high in fiber content with limited red meat and animal fat and consuming daily vitamins and folate it is considered as a healthy diet. Consumption of vitamins like Vitamin A and B reduces the risk of breast and lung cancer. Alcohol consumption is also linked to Oral cancer if you will consume alcohol moderately it will have adverse effect on your breast

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How you can reduce the risk of cancer

1. No smoking is the best thing you can do to prevent cancer Harmful chemicals in cigarette will affect your entire body system and damage your lungs . if you are a chain smoker quit it if you want to live a long and healthy life.

2. Maintaining a healthy weight will reduce the risk of cancer in your body.  If you are eating a healthy diet which id full of vegetables and fruits which  should be high in fiber and healthy proteins. Avoid eating processed meat and alcohol

4. Avoid alcohol consumption as it will reduce the risk of 7 types of cancers in the body like kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer, Gall bladder cancer,