Amazing Health benefits of Insulin Plant

Insulin Plant is popularly known as spiral flag or Fiery costus it mainly belongs to the family of cactaceae. It is widely used in Ayurveda  and herbal medicine. It is mainly used in the treatment of diabetes as it has anti diabetic properties. It is mainly a kind of perennial plant which has a height of 2ft with spirally arranged leaves flowers of this plant are very attractive.

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The scientific name of the insulin plant is Costus Igneus.  Some people called it as kostum or keukand and jarul in hindi. It is also known as fiery plant , spiral flag and step ladder in some other languages.

List of Nutrients packed in Insulin plant

It is the most promising medicinal plant in India and chemicals in the insulin leaves reduces the spiked level of the sugar in the body. it is full of nutrients

1. Protein

2. Terpenoids

3. Flavonoids

4. Ascorbic Acid

5. Iron

6. B carotene

7. Corosolic Acid

Health benefits of Insulin plant

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1. it reduces the cholesterol level

2. it maintains the kidney health

3. insulin plant leaves helps in breaking down the fatty acid in the liver and cures the liver illness

4. The leafy extract of an insulin Plant regulates the urination process and maintains the bladder health

5. The insulin plant leaves has natural antioxidant property it boosts the immunity by eliminating the free radicals from the body.

6. Consuming leaves of this plant can cure the asthma reduces blood pressure and Bronchitis symptoms

7. if you will consume hot insulin leaves water it  will heal the sore throat.

8. it can also be best used for skin diseases

Part from these benefits its leaves are good medicine for fever.  If you will chew one leaf in the morning it will give you instant relief from fever

Benefits of Insulin Plant Flower

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1. The petals of the flower of insulin plant are sweet and full of nutrition value.

2. This is an attractive plant with its pretty red color spikes and best for medicinal purpose

3. Insulin plant flowers are also used as ornamental or decorative use.

Side effects of insulin plant

Avoid direct consumption of leaves as it has very strong taste you can prepare tea with insulin leaves and extract  fresh insulin leaves you can consume it with Honey for good taste. This herb is not safe for pregnant or lactating mother. it may lead to hormonal imbalance and further complications  so they should avoid consuming this leaf.