5 Things which can make you Happy in stressed Situations

Stress can be any kind of change which can cause you physical, mental, emotional or psychological pain. It actually defines as the body’s response to anything that requires attention or you can say action. In life sometimes situations come in which we feel excessive stress. Question is that how you will respond to the stress it will make a big difference to your overall well being.

There are three types of stress

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1. Acute stress- Acute stress is one kind of stress which is an unpleasant and dysfunctional reaction  which will begin shortly with an overwhelmic traumatic event and will last less than a month

2. Episodic acute stress- Episodic acute stress is when a person always feel acute stress you will feel under pressure or things are going wrong on frequent basis. You can get exhausted both physically and mentally

3. Chronic stress- when you are facing a consistent sense of feeling pressured and overwhelmed over along period of time  main symptoms are aches, pains, insomnia and weakness less social, unfocused thinking you have to follow lifestyle changes , medications and think positive for getting out of this kind of chronic stress.

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Lets discuss the 5 things you can do to be happy in stressed situations

1. Listen to music- if you are feeling too much stressed take a break and listen to some relaxing or favorite music of yours . if you will play calm music it will have positive and relaxing effect on your body. If you will listen to relaxing music it will lower your blood pressure and reduce cortisol which is linked to the stress.

2. Talk to your best friend- if you are feeling like stressed you talk to your close or best friends and discuss family problems with them. Just tell your friend the reason about your being stressed a helping and listening attitude of your friend will relieve your stress.

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3. eat right- if you are in stress situations eat a happy and healthy food of your choice. Fruits and vegetables are always a good option and you can also have fish as it is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which will definitely reduce your symptoms of stress

4. Mediation- A short walk or a 15 minute of meditation is quite good in chronic stress situations .  it will relax your mind and up your mood in minutes.

5. Sound sleep- stress always cause insomnia and lack of sleep is always increase your stress  so make sure that if you are feeling too much stressed you have to take seven to eight hours of sound sleep so that your mind and body can have proper rest. Dim the lights of your room and relax your brain before going to bed . sound sleep will be the great stress buster for you.