Best and Popular Ring lights for You Tube creators available in India

Are you a YouTube Creator who is looking for the best tool for making videos?  In this world of uploading videos, you have to focus on the content and the lighting. Due to the trend of social media, selfies and videos have become more popular and important today. A good quality ring light is the most important tool for taking selfies and making videos. Lets have a look at the best ring light available in Indian market.

Best Ring light available in India

1. Digitek ring Light- DRL-18RT C- It has Multi angle capture as it provides a 360 degree rotated smart phone holder where you can angle vertically or horizontally without taking the phone out of the holder  it is best for photographers. it has dual color modes with color temperature variable from 3200 to 5600K. it comes within intensity control, color temperature control and power button which is making it easier to operate. It comes with Ring light and remote along with the ring light.

2. Tygot Big ring light- it is a high power 10W ring LED which is suitable for most devices and supports USB such as laptop PCS and mobile Power USB chargers Ac adapter. it is ideal for using lighting in the studio, make up in the locker room, camping and live streaming. Tygot makes it easy to adjust the color temperature from 3400k to 5600k easily without using any color filters. It has an LED SMD design and 220PCS LED beads on the ring light which offers more light on the camera photography and Live streaming . it is very easy to install and light weight

3. Osaka Ring Light- This is a premium ring light with many variants of lighting ranging from 3400K to 5600K   color temperature (0%-100%Brightness adjustable). Its back panel shows the situation of brightness , color temp , perfect  for different kinds of photography .it is also having brightness and color temperature remote controller.

4. upReale Professional Ring Light- this ring light is controlled via the IR remote controller or the knob on the stand. You can adjust the color temperature from 3000k to 6000k easily without using color filters. It has cold white light and warm light to hide the blemishes and change the skin tone quickly and easily. It has a rotating 360 phone holder and a retractable tripod which can capture the videos from each angle. It works well with devices that support USB ports like laptops, PC and power banks.

5. YOZTI Ring Light- This Ring light is best to use  as it is controlled Via Remote control on the knob on the stand.   It can adjust the color temperature from 3000k to 6000k easily without using any color has 7 modes of lighting from the IR remote including Night light mode and cold light mode. It works well with USB support devices and offers more light on the camera for live streaming and facebook live selfies and videos.