Popular Computer and laptop accessories available in Indian Market

The best laptop accessories are essential for safeguarding your device, setting up an ergonomic workstation, and even improving performance. There’s a strong probability that you’ll spend a lot of time in front of your laptop as we spend hours browsing the web and watching streaming television. There are numerous circumstances in which you want these accessories, such as while travelling or commuting with your laptop and need a padded messenger bag to protect it from drops and scratches. An adjustable laptop stand and wireless keyboard are essential for making your office more comfortable if you spend hours at your desk. Depending on individual needs let’s discuss popular laptop accessories available in the market.

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Top Computer and laptop accessories in India

1. The PLIXIO Aluminum Tabletop Laptop Stand, which is made of a durable aluminium alloy and maintains good stability without tossing. The rubber strip on the laptop stand makes it perfect for use in an office environment because it may considerably reduce collisions with it, preserve it, and prevent the laptop from slipping. It is composed of lightweight material and comes with a carry bag.

 2. The Clownfish Multi Functional Water Proof Anti Theft Back pack is built of materials that are both scratch- and water-resistant. The zippers and pullers, for example, are wear-resistant, slick, and long-lasting hardware. The backpack is more secure because of the lock and anti-theft design. It has external USB port with Built in charging

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 3. webcam cover for privacy-  When the laptop is rotated 360 times, the LUMOS CRAFT 2 in 1 Webcam Cover Slider, which has a solid friction movement, does not automatically slide. Its 0.7 Mm thickness makes it compatible with all currently available ultra-compact laptops, including the Macbook Air. When you want to use it for face time or video calling, it is ideal and does not in any way obscure or restricts the view of the camera or its sensors.

4. HP USB Wireless Spill Resistance Keyboard and Mouse Set – The keyboard and mouse have a beautiful, ultra-slim design that is sealed for comprehensive protection. It is made for professional or gaming use and includes quick scrolling and a snappy, smooth cursor. It features standby functionality, 2.4G wireless technology, a 10m range, and a tiny receiver.

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5. Amazin Homes Stylish Printed 3 in 1 Computer / Desktop- It currently has magnificent residences this three-piece kit, which includes an 18.5 screen cover protector, keyboard cover protector, and CPU cover, will shield your entire desktop setup from dust. This cover is constructed of permeable material to allow heat to travel and keep the system cool. Desktops are suitable for use at home and at the office.