Great Risks behind Consuming tea in excess

Tea is the most popular drink in the world.  It is stuffed with the goodness of milk and sugar and is also referred as chai.  In ancient times tea has been used to treat minor fevers or the common cold.  Each type of tea can be enhanced by the goodness of nature is packed with numerous health advantages. But excess of everything is harmful so if you are also consuming too much tea it can be harmful for your health.

Major side effects of drinking too much tea

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1. Low Iron Absorption- Iron deficiency is the most prevalent nutrient shortage in the world, and tea is a strong source of tannins, which can bind to iron in some foods and prevent it from being absorbed in the digestive tract. If you drink a lot of tea, your condition could get worse if your iron levels are low. Drink tea in between meals if you are low in iron.

2. Increase in the level of stress and anxiety- Anxiety and restlessness may be brought on by drinking more tea or coffee than usual each day. If you experience the same symptoms in your body, you should cut back on your coffee intake and switch to herbal teas devoid of caffeine.

 3. Lack of sleep-Since tea naturally includes caffeine, drinking too much of it can interfere with your sleep schedule. Lack of sleep during the day can cause a number of mental problems, including exhaustion, memory loss, and attention deficit disorder. The body’s ability to produce melatonin may be reduced by excessive tea consumption, which would entirely interfere with your sleep cycle.

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4. Heartburn-Tea contains caffeine, which can lead to symptoms of acid reflux or induce heartburn. It might also be a factor in the rise in overall stomach acid production. Consequently, excessive tea consumption throughout the day can result in heartburn..

5. Headaches- Taking too much coffee can result in some headaches. Therefore, if you get frequent headaches and believe they may be caused by drinking tea, you should temporarily cut back on this beverage until your symptoms subside.

6. Dizziness- Another typical negative effect of drinking too much tea is feeling lightheaded or dizzy. Only when you drink more than 6 to 12 cups of tea does it happen.

7. Caffeine habitual- Tea dependence may result from regular consumption of caffeine, a stimulant that can build habits. Even tiny levels of tea use can lead to caffeine dependence, which manifests physically as symptoms like weariness, headaches, and irritation if you stop drinking it.

8. Pregnancy complications- If you drink a lot of tea while pregnant, you run the risk of issues including miscarriage or low birth weight for the baby. Herbal teas should be used with caution if you plan to drink them because some of the constituents can cause labour.

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9. Nausea –Certain tea constituents can make you feel sick. Particularly when taken in excessive doses or on an empty stomach. Tea tannins may upset sensitive people’s digestive systems, causing symptoms including nausea or stomach pain.