Avoid eating these foods if you are suffering from Constipation in winters

Some foods can increase your constipation and others lower the risk of it. Lets discuss foods which can increase the risk of constipation. It is a common issue which can be easily defined as if you are having less Bowel moments in a week. It has major symptoms like bloating and gas. Chronic constipation can lead to  several long term issues like less energy and enthusiasm . constipation problem will get worse in winters  some foods can help during the situation while others can increase this situation. Lets discuss which foods you should avoid if you are facing problem of constipation

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1. Alcohol-consuming excessive alcohol can cause constipation. Excessive it can increase the number of fluids lost through urine which can result in dehydration.

2. Raw bananas- bananas are known for good digestion but if you are eating them raw it can cause constipation. Ripened banana contains high level of fiber which helps in treating digestion. But unripe banana has a lot of starch which is difficult to digest and causes constipation.

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3. Fried food- if you are consuming so much fried and fast foods it will increase the risk of constipation. Fried  foods are high in fat and low in fiber a combination which will slow down the digestion process.

4. Dairy products- if you are consuming excessive dairy products it is another cause of constipation for infants, toddlers and children as due to sensitivity to proteins found in Cow’s Milk.

5. Processed Grains- Processed grains and their products like white bread, and white pasta are low in fiber and can cause constipation

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6. Red Meat- Red meat can worsen the constipation as it contains less fiber which adds bulk to the stools.  it can also reduce a person’s daily fiber  intake by taking the place of higher fiber options in the diet.

Constipation is an unpleasant condition if you have severe constipation you have to make changes to your diet . you have to avoid those foods  which can increase constipation.