Avoid doing these mistakes if you are serious about weight loss

New year party is the much awaited festivals and events where people prefer to eat a variety of delicious cuisines during the festive season. But if you are eating so much of unhealthy food it will ruin the fitness goals of yours. We start the eight loss program but there can be cheat meals at festive seasons. You should avoid doing the following mistakes if you want to achieve the weight loss program fully.

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1. Junk food- Your weight loss plan will undoubtedly be upset if you eat a wide variety of unhealthy and junk meals over the course of the new year. You can either completely forgo chips and other fried meals or substitute salads or sautéed veggies in their place. We all know that vegetables are low in calories, high in fibre, vitamins, and minerals that will keep you full and never compromise your health. You need to eat foods that are nutritious if you want to keep your weight under check. You may overeat if you skip breakfast, which may result in bloating, gas, acidity, and weight gain.

2. Less Hydration-  if you want to maintain healthy weight it is necessary to stay hydrated . you ahve to drink adequate amount of water during this party season it will be helpful in detoxify the body and remove unnecessary and harmful substances from your body through sweat. When festive season comes we eat high fat foods like pizza, burger, fries which negatively effect our health. You can have detox drinks like cucumber mint  ginger mint or lemon Mint water and can have vegetable juices if you want to maintain a healthy weight.

3. Excess alcohol- Alcohol is high in calories . you have to limit the alcohol intake in the parties  you have to avoid the cocktails as they are calorie dense and cause dehydration. You have to wines as compare to beer and limit the intake of wine you have to consume water or juice with alcohol to limit the consumption.

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4. No exercise- if you are consuming excess junk food during party season so it is mandatory to keep a strict exercise routine between your hectic schedules.  If you are attending parties regularly you have to do exercise on regular basis to avoid the weight gain.

5. Disturbed sleep pattern- if you are the part of late night parties and gatherings it will impact your sleep pattern during the year. If your sleep will get disturbed you will eat unhealthy midnight snacks which will having a negative impact on your health. It will cause unnecessary weight gain.

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6. Vacation- if we are out for a vacation we tend to eat packaged and processed foods instead of nutritious diet  but we suggest if you are going on a vacation you can try nutrient dense snacks like protein bars , roasted snacks and fruits rather than eating pizza and burger. It will maintain your health and will maintain your weight accordingly.