Popular Gold Facial Kits in India

Gold facials are perfect if you are looking for deep cleansing treatment for your skin. It will make your skin glowing and dirt free.  These facials will polish your skin and make them supple, soft and bright. Lets discuss different quality Gold facials available in India. A good gold facial kit ranges from around Rs 300 to 1200 Rs. When you are choosing the gold facial kit you have find out what is your skin type. It will help you to choose the best kit which will take care of your skin issues and analyze the skin behavior and enhance your beauty. You have to pick the kit which is totally chemical free.

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Best Gold facial kit available in the market

1. VLCC facial kit- VLCC Gold facial Kit helps to exfoliate and detoxify your skin and gives you a smooth and clear skin it will accelerates the cell renewal and giving you a youthful glow. It gently nourishes your skin and helps to restore its luster. It helps in removing the dead cells and maintains the PH balance. It includes a comfrey cleanser cum toner, Gold scrub, and Gold gel, and Gold cream, gold peel off mask.

2. Lotus Radiant Gold Facial Kit- The lotus Gold facial kit has 24k Gold leaves which will brighten the complexion and prevents premature aging. It has papaya extracts which lightens the blemishes and promotes even skin tone. It has horse chestnut which is enriched with antioxidants. It provides the instant golden glow and revitalizes your skin and boost collagen production in the skin.  It is chemical free and enriched with natural actives. It has deep cell activation system which will brighten you skin tone.

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3. Biotique gold radiance facial kit- this kit has many benefits on skin it promotes the blood circulation and adding a sparkle to the complexion it accelerates the cell renewal and boost the skin elasticity . it helps in lymphatic drainage and toxin removal and can reverse the oxidation and sun damage caused to the skin.  This pack includes Gold scrub, serum,  gel, cream and peel off mask. It also includes the swiss magic dark spot corrector.

4. Natures essence gold facial kit- this facial kit is suitable for all skin types. It can provide you the parlour like glow in 30 minutes. it is made up of natural ingredients like aloe Vera extract Vitamin E and almond oil it is the best facial kit for glowing skin. It can remove tan from your skin and restore your natural fairness.  It has a gentle cleansing scrub which provides your skin a fresh sparkle. It provides your skin the best radiance of the gold.

5. Jovees 24 Carat Gold Rejuvenating Facial Kit- Jovees 24 carat rejuvenating facial kit contains five products which has precious herbs and botanical extracts which provides you glow. It helps to reveal a smoother clearer and youthful skin and also helps improve blood circulation and restore softness , smoothness and radiance.

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6. Shahnaz Husain 24 Carat Gold Kit- This Gold skin radiance kit is a sensational innovation which will make your skin beautiful and radiant.  It comprises of age defying pure gold scrub and gold mask and moisturizer cream it will provide you a beautiful and yellow radiant glow of the gold.

7. Skin Secrets 24 Carat Gold Facial Kit- This face kit’s gold dust will intensify the impact and give your skin a beautiful and radiant glow. It is a reviving component that will make your skin look smoother or more even. It lowers skin dryness, delays premature ageing of the skin, increases metabolic rate, improves skin texture, and stops the skin from drooping. Your body’s neurons, veins, and skin cells will all be stimulated by it. The metabolism of skin cells and waste discharge will both increase as a result. It is entirely vegan and does not use animal testing.