Unique books that you can add in your reading list for future

Books are life for those who have a passion for reading. They enjoy each piece of work with great peace. Let’s discuss the unique books you can add in your reading list for better understanding of life and can gain knowledge and have pleasure in reading them.

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1. The Art of Focus -As the COVID-19 epidemic has altered our planet, individuals are now reevaluating their priorities and adjusting their way of life to fit the 21st century’s brand-new standard. The skill of focusing The second volume in this three-part series offers forty-five brief stories chock full of insights meant to captivate readers with lessons drawn from the protagonists’ experiences and the dynamics of the circumstances that played out in their lives. The sturdy g-heart is motivated to create a concentrated mind by the second book, The art of attention, which builds on the first.

2. How to read a person Like a book- The skill of “reading a person like a book” teaches you how to decipher the nonverbal cues given by coworkers, friends, family, and even complete strangers. You will learn more about people’s motivations as you develop your ability to read people like a book. You will be able to interact with others on a professional, personal, or informal level more successfully once you have this deeper knowledge. You may discover how to educate your brain to be aware of the nonverbal communication occurring all around you by reading this book. You’ll start to listen closely while keeping an eye out for the words, phrases, and paragraphs that individuals are expressing and writing with their gestures.

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3. I’m Online- it is a unique story book to deal with social media addiction it has 15 real fun life fun stories on relations between people technology devices and social media apps get life back on track. Real life stories in this book have an ever lasting impact on human kind and our present and future generations to come.  Reading these immersive and heartfelt short stories makes one understand the pros and cons of the online world. It will teach you to have productive and efficient online experience, rather than just spooning away here and there without richness in life.

4. Learning How to fly- life lessons for youth- Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam firmly believed in the potential of children and adolescents. He discussed the value of achieving one’s objectives, being ambitious, and acting morally with more than 21 million children and teens both inside and outside of India. His interactions with young people in places like schools, universities, and other settings were similar to those of a committed teacher as he traveled to almost every corner of the nation. Every Indian, young or old, should read learning to Fly because it is so hospitable, motivating, and optimistic.

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5. How to win friends and influence people- this is the bestselling book by author Dale Carnegie which gives you a simple advice and simple techniques on how to deal with people, understand them and get along with them. This book tells you how to improve your conversation skills? Avoid arguments and win people over? Make friends easily? Become a people person a phenomenal success that has sold millions of copies worldwide, this book will change the way you approach relationships and better equip you to handle life situations.