Popular Pop Up Toasters Available in India

Pop-up toasters may add intrigue to your morning meal. These are simple to use and make speedy breakfast preparation possible on hectic mornings. These cooking tools are very necessary if you want to produce wonderful bread toast. These will enable you to prepare a delectable breakfast without risking finger burns. The majority of them have two slice slots, while some more sophisticated machines have four slice slots. You must consider numerous toaster characteristics such as buttons, indicators, safety features, high lift levers, power consumption, cable size, material quality, and several other factors. These toasters will cost you between 2000 and 3000 rs. There are three types of toasters like pop toasters, conveyer belt toaster and toaster ovens.

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Best Toasters available in India

1. i BELL Bread Toaster- In this toaster, there are two distinct controls. This will make it simple for you to simultaneously toast several types of bread. Larger slots allow it to accommodate both small and large sandwich breads. The crumb tray is connected for simple cleaning. It has the ability to reheat, and cancel. It uses 1300 watts of electricity. Its chilly outside walls gives you a safe-to-touch feeling. It comes with a basic guarantee of one year and a six-month extension upon free registration.

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 2. Wipro  Bread Toaster- It offers seven levels of browning to accommodate every member of the family. To guarantee there is no contact with the hot surface, it features an automatic popup. Without repeating the entire toasting operation, the reheat feature will rewarm the bread pieces. It will require 78 watts of electricity and an operational voltage of 22 to 24 volts to its cancel function can stop toasting in the middle of the cycle. It has a one-year warranty.

3. Philips toaster-this toaster has 2 large variable slots for different size of bread . the bread will kept in the center automatically due to its self centering feature.  It can stop any moment you like by pressing the stop button.  It has integrated bun back to warm your favorite buns pastries an rolls. It has 8 settings which allows you to toast at different types of bread without the risk of getting it burnt. It has extra shut off protection which protects the product against short circuit.  It has high lift function to easily remove the small pieces of bread.  It has removable crumb tray which is easy to clean.

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 4. Bajaj  Pop Up toaster-  it is 2 slice pop up toaster and having variable brown settings  it ahs adjustable browning settings with a frequency of 50HZ.  It ahs warranty of 2 years on the product  its power is 750 watts and operating voltage is 230 volts. It has a removable crumb tray to  keep it clean along with a cord storage space to keep the cord in place. This appliance comes with a cool touch body which is helpful in handling the appliance conveniently it will save your hands and fingers from accidental burning.

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5. Pigeon  toaster- this toaster has 2 slice capacity it has cool touch body and variable browning control . it is bread slice centering device foe even toasting it ahs consumption of 750 watts.  It has 1 year of warranty provided by the manufacturer from the date of purchase. It has 6 level of browning control with automatic pop up. It is shock resistant and heat resistant body