Foods You can add in to your diet to lower Blood sugar level Naturally

Diabetes patients find it difficult to manage their diet and blood sugar levels.  Some food items will spike your blood sugar level and others will help in controlling the diabetes  lets discuss food items  which help in controlling diabetes and lower the blood sugar level naturally.

1. Whole Grains- Whole Grains are best pick not just because you have diabetes but for the nutrition of the whole body.  So if you are facing diabetes problem whole grains food are best to manage blood glucose levels as they tend to have a lower Glycaemic index(GI). Oats , Brown rice , wild rice and whole grain flour like barley is best to consume if you want to control the diabetes.

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2. Chia seeds- Due to the high fiber content of chia seeds, there may be a reduction in insulin resistance and an improvement in blood sugar levels, lowering the risk of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. They are a healthy meal option for diabetics because they also have a low glycemic index.

3. Fruits- if you are consuming higher intake of specific fruits like strawberries , grapes and apples  it will definitely be helpful in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes.

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4. Vegetables- Broccoli, lettuce , cucumber ,okra are the best vegetables you can eat if you want to lower your blood sugar level . You should avoid starchy vegetables  like beets, potatoes as they contain higher amount of carbs and it can raise the blood sugar level much faster than non starchy veggies.

5. Fatty Fish- Fatty fish is a healthy option to eat  as it is full of omega -3 fatty acids which are helpful for body in diabetes. You can eat salmon, sardines and trout  instead of having fried fish which contains too much of saturated and trans fats  you can try to have baked , roasted or grilled fish . You can even pair it with a mix of vegetables.

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6. Walnuts- Nuts are another another fantastic food to include in your diet. Similar to fish, nuts contain fatty acids that support heart function. Walnuts are particularly abundant in a particular form of omega-3 and important nutrients including protein, vitamin B6, magnesium, and iron. You can include a few handfuls of walnuts in their mixed salad or brunch.