Popular heat protection sprays available in India

Heat styling tools like strengtheners, curling irons, and blow dryers are an essential part of our beauty routine but it is a reality that these styling products damage our hair if we are not using it with great care. Heat protection sprays are the best solution to this problem. These sprays are designed to protect your hair from damage which is caused by styling tools and keep your locks looking shiny and healthy.  These are lightweight and have to used on your hair before using these styling products it act as a barrier between hair and heat. Let’s discuss the best protection sprays available in India.

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Best heat protection sprays available in India

1. BBlunt Hot shot heat protection Mist- It guards against hair damage. As the mist shields your hair from heat up to 230 degrees Celsius, it will prevent heat style damage. As a result, hair maintains its aesthetic appeal and health. Your hair styling products, including curling irons, blow dryers, and strengtheners, will be protected. The mist guards against heat damage, fights frizz efficiently, makes hair more manageable, and gives you silky, smooth tresses. It is devoid of harmful substances like paraben, sulphate, and SLS. According to the lengths and textures of Indian hair, it was especially designed for Indian hair.

2. Bare Anatomy heat protection spray- It is a special water-based, alcohol-free heat protection spray that guards against sun damage and damage from styling equipment. Since it contains pea, protein, and a cleaner alcohol substitute, it keeps the moisture in dry hair held in. The vitamin E-infused serum spray keeps hair nourished and radiant and prevents hair breakage while promoting hair development. it is made without any dangerous chemicals. It is sulphate- and paraben-free after derma testing.

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3. Vellasio classic heat protection – This heat protection spray guards against heat damage to hair by including phenol, argon oil, and vitamin E. For long to 3 days, it completely smothers the frizz. Your scalp will naturally create sebum, an oily material that maintains your hair bright and healthy, and it will restore the natural sheen of your hair. All hair types may use it, and it leaves hair feeling silky smooth, shining, and soft to the touch.

4. Tresemme keratin smooth heat protection spray- Using its five advantages in one system, it is made with keratin and marula oil. To leave your hair stunningly smooth and manageable, it is particularly developed as a heat protectant. With the use of tressemme keratin smooth heat protect spray, the locks may be safeguarded from harm. It will screen your hair from heat styling up to 450F so you can get a smooth finish while safeguarding your hair.

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5. Ktein natural hair heat protection spray- it will make your everyday styling hassle free process as it protects the hair from heat and gives nourishment to the hair. It has 2 years of shell life it is packed with essential nutrients like rice water,  flax seeds, grape seeds, aloe Vera and  green tea. It stimulates the growth and adds shine to the hair it is rich in vitamins and provides healthy hair it is alcohol free and free form parabens and sulphates.