How you can use microwave safely

Microwaves are must in Modern Kitchens. It has immense usefulness and it is one of the integral parts of your kitchen. It will do various functions like baking, cooking and heating the food. As It has made the work in the kitchen much easier, it also comes with own set of risks. Like Burns, Overheating, fire in rare cases. Sometimes radiation injuries have been reported due to mishandling of the appliance.  So it is so much important to be aware of the risk involved with the use of microwave.

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 Tips to use microwave safely at home

1. Read the instruction manual- each microwave comes with its advanced functions and operations so it is most important for the manufacturer to read the instructions given on the manual. The directions given on the manual will provide recommended operating procedure and safety precautions.

2. usage of microwave safe containers- if you will use incompatible containers in a microwave it will lead to uneven cooking and undercooking and may lead to fore and damage to the microwave. According to the FDA glass, ceramic and plastic containers labeled for microwave oven use.  You have to avoid metal pans or aluminum foil because it reflect them off. If you will use regular plastic containers it is a bad idea because heat can melt them.

3. Overheating water- Don’t overheat the water in the microwave; the water shouldn’t be heated over the maximum temperature if there are no symptoms of boiling. If there is even the slightest movement, the water might suddenly erupt out of the cup, resulting in severe burns for you.

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4. Leakage check- you have to check your microwave daily for leakage.  You have to check for the unusual gas eruptions and an odour from the microwave it is recommended that if you door does not close firmly or is bent, wrapped or otherwise damaged.

5. Doors open avoid usage- it is designed in the way that they have to operate with closed doors to prevent radiation from spilling out.  Immediately stop using if microwave door is open.

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6. Don’t place sealed containers in the oven- if you will put sealed containers in the oven it can inflict damage or injuries by exploding. it can also happen if you cook certain foods without removing the shells.