Popular Convertible cars you can buy in 2023

There is a special pleasure in travelling in plush luxury without a roof to cut you off from the peace of a windy evening. Convertible automobiles stand out from other car kinds because of the freedom they provide. Retractable roofs are a common feature of convertible cars and can be operated manually or automatically. These vehicles are typically pricey, but for those who can afford them, they are a joy to drive.

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In contrast to other countries where there are many convertible automobile options, India has fewer choices, and it is frequently unclear which models are convertible. Here is a list of convertible vehicles that will hopefully aid you in your hunt for a vehicle that will let you to drive in the fresh air.

1. Mahindra Thar- The most affordable convertible vehicle on the Indian market is the storied Mahindra Thar. The 44 SUV is praised for its off-roading prowess, but the option to lower the roof only makes off-roading more enjoyable. With the most recent Mahindra Thar, you may drive in the open air on city streets and enjoy it more. It has 2 airbags with 6 speed manual gearbox and 6 speed automatic . seating capacity is 4 and it works well with 2 litre turbo petrol or 2.2 litre diesel.

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2. Mini cooper convertible- The Mini Cooper Convertible S, which is more expensive, is all about having fun with the top down. Its upbeat performance and interesting interiors allow you to fully experience this fun. Although there is plenty of capacity up front, there isn’t much room for passengers in back, so you can only have one more person join you outside. The Mini Cooper Convertible S, however, offers an enviable value for its asking price because Mini has been pretty generous with extras.

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3. BMW Z4- A strong competitor in the convertible market is the BMW Z4. The vehicle comes in two versions, the sDrive20i and the M40i, the latter of which has more power than the former.  While you enjoy the dynamic handling that this BMW roadster has to offer, you should be kept secure in the two-seat convertible’s comfy seats. Additionally, unlike most convertibles, this one has a 281-liter boot for those extended top-down road trips because the soft top does not fold into the boot.

4. Porsche 718- The Porsche 718 is the German performance brand’s entry-level sports vehicle, yet there isn’t much that can be considered “entry-level”. The 718 Boxster, 718 Boxster GTS 4.0, and 718 Spyder are the three 718 convertible versions available. The 2-seater vehicles offer good comfort in addition to being beautiful. Both of these qualities are overshadowed by the 718 convertibles’ performance, which should be thrilling with the roof down.

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5. Bentley Continental GTC- Pure luxury and faultless performance combine to create the Bentley Continental GTC. The meticulously designed cabin and the first-rate upholstery scream luxury. Contrary to other convertibles, the Continental GTC has room for four people, so you can take your friends along and let them experience driving in the open air. Although its powerful V8 engine generates 542 BHP, you could choose to leave the power unattended to savour the opulent open-air drive as you glide.