Budgeted office chairs you can buy online in India

Long office timings include spending a great deal of time sitting in an office chair in a similar position adds stress to structures in the spine. If you want to avoid back problems you must choose an office chair which is ergonomic and supports lower back and promotes good posture. You have to check the features before buying the best like seat height and seat width and depth. A seat height of 16 to 21 inches off the floor should work for most of the people.  Apart from this usually 17-20 inches wide is the standard to follow while purchasing the chair for you.   Let’s discuss best chairs available online to buy.

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Best chairs you can buy online

1. Green soul Seoul office chair- This durable office chair provides good support while minimising heat and moisture buildup, keeping your entire body cool and comfortable. It also has a thick moulded foam seat covered in fabric. It includes armrests made of fibre that fully support good posture and allow your arms to relax. A sturdy metal base guarantees longevity and stability. It has been demonstrated to support 90 kg. More relaxation can be found in the rocking mode. The lever may be pulled outward and it can recline up to 135 degrees. There are no special tools required, and assembly is simple.

2. Cellbell desire office chair- It’s made to provide you with the best support possible by giving you a completely adjustable chair with an ergonomic nylon back support and breathable mesh to keep you dry adjustable height, clever tilting mechanism with locking function, and smooth 360 degree swivel. Its 2 inch thick, cushioned foam seat will keep you comfortable for extended periods of time. It includes lumbar adjustments that may be pulled up or down to provide superior back support.

3. savya Home office chair- it has base dimension 24 inch and seat dimension -18×18 inch it has 1 year warranty against breakage  it is made up with top notch material . it has high density high resiliency and good air permeability. It has passed 10000 durability tests it has life of almost 10 years and beat foe long working hours. It is certified and load tested.

4. Da urban revolving office chair- This desk chair’s backrest is contoured to the natural curvature of the human body, allowing you to sit in a relaxed and healthy manner. With its reinforced cushions and high density breathable mesh, it offers a superior sitting experience. It boasts contoured arms that offer all-day comfort and support for the shoulders and upper body. It may be adjusted for height and features a push-back tilt mode for more convenience of use.

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5. Amazon Brand solimo high back mesh office chair- For increased comfort, the Solimo Carlovy high back mesh chair has an adjustable lumbar support, a synchro tilt mechanism, and a single locking feature. You may position it to suit your comfort by adjusting it up and down. It will offer cozy back support and has 2D adjustable arms with soft cushions that have stood up to a 40000 cycle durability test. With a multifunctional headrest that allows for forward, back, and down movement adjustments, it will offer exceptional comfort.