Popular shopping markets in Gurgaon

One of the liveliest cities in India, Gurgaon, is growing both economically and physically. One of the most sought-after areas to reside is Gurgaon, which is in the Indian state of Haryana. It is part of the National Capital Region. Due to the DLF Cyber City, it serves as the centre of commerce and industry.

More than simply office skyscrapers and high rises, Gurgaon, or Gurugram as it is now known, is also a fantastic destination to shop. Gurgaon offers something unique while being so near to Delhi and all of its retail possibilities. Next time you’re in Gurgaon or the nearby area, take a taxi or the metro to one of these shopping centres.

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1. Arjun Nagar market- Arjun Marg Market, often known as the Janpath and Sarojini of Gurgaon, is the place to shop for inexpensive, name-brand clothing. This is a sanctuary for people who enjoy shopping and is situated in DLF Phase I. Authentic H & M, Marks & Spencer, and Superdry clothing may be found here, according to the store proprietors. The Anjuna Marg Market’s offerings in terms of quality and style set it apart from other export markets.

Gurgaon locals throng to this market throughout the winter. Everything from jackets to track pants to pyjamas to boots can be purchased for as little as INR 1200. There is a tonne of clothing for men and women in all sizes here. These prices are negotiable, and you might be able to score a deal on some hidden gems. This is the epitome of stylish living on a tight budget.

2. Galleria market- The Galleria is one of Gurgaon’s oldest open-air markets, and it is situated in DLF City Phase 4. Everything, including boutiques, branded retail locations, eateries, cafes, hairdressers, stationery stores, and electronics retailers, may be found here. A one-stop store is located here.

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In terms of property prices, Galleria now ranks as the third most expensive market in India. The market’s ideal position in the centre of a residential neigh bourhood is mostly to blame for the increase in rental rates. People of all ages may be seen in great numbers in the throng, whether they are there to buy daily necessities or just to hang out in this spacious space.

3. Sadar Bazar- The oldest market in this millennium city is Sadar Bazaar, which is located in ancient Gurgaon. Some of the stores there are really ancient. You may get a huge selection of goods here for incredibly low prices. The five-kilometer-long market is constantly busy with folks buying for anything from food to garments.

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Public transit is the most convenient way to get to this market because parking spaces are rarely available and the roads are often jam-packed with vehicles. If you become hungry after visiting Sadar Bazaar’s alleyways, relax and fill up at one of the well-known eateries, like Gandhiji Pakode Wala, Arjan Singh & Sons, Pandit Vaishno Dhaba, and Kishu Di Hatti, which is well-known for its dhodha barfi

4. Qutub Plaza- One more of Gurgaon’s oldest markets, Qutub Plaza, is situated in DLF Phase I. Since one can find almost anything here, including grocery stores, gift shops, pharmacies, ATMs, eating establishments, and even inexpensive clothing stores, it is very well-liked by the locals.

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5. Sector 14 market- In addition to a wide selection of goods including clothing, shoes, secondhand jewellery, groceries, and delectable street cuisine, Sector 14 Market is a bustling street market. Here, you may get affordable, non-branded clothing that is on-trend. Usually, locals dominate the audience in this market. Therefore, it is best to arrive early