High screen time can damage your skin; Check details

Many people now consider an hour of screen time to be typical. Mobiles, laptops, and tablets are the preferred gadgets for working, entertainment, and relaxation. Too much screen time can have a variety of negative health repercussions, from mental and emotional to physical, throwing everything into a loop. But did you realize that it also has an effect on our skin? Few individuals are aware of the dangers screen light might have to our skin’s health.

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According to experts, increased blue light exposure from smart devices like LED TVs, tablets, and smart phones may be bad for your skin.

Harmful radiation is emitted by smart phones, computers, tablets, and laptops, particularly blue light, which can burn, trigger allergic reactions, produce redness, and hasten the ageing of the skin. According to studies, Indians spend more time staring at digital devices than Americans and Chinese combined.

Blue light can permeate the skin more deeply, and some international research have shown that even a single hour of exposure to this phenomenon can result in skin-related health problems.

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How you can reduce the damage to skin

1. Sunscreen-The experts also suggested utilizing a sunscreen that provides dual protection because it eliminates the trouble of needing to apply two different types of sunscreen indoors and outside.

2. Use night mode on devices-Switching to night or dark mode is one of the simplest ways to eliminate the blue light that electronic devices emit.

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3. Use antioxidants rich products-The specialist advised using serums and lotions that contained antioxidants like vitamin C, E, since they “not only fight the harmful effects of blue light, but also reverse the damage caused by it.”

4. Usage of anti blue light screen protector-Although it isn’t completely effective, it does offer some defense against blue light.

It’s time to cut back on your excessive screen time and practice proper skin care for better skin health.