Why you need a Full body Check up

People always don’t want to book full body check up and thinks that if they are not ill what is the need of a full body checkup. We want to avoid health checkups as we feel that it is required only for those who are suffering from some serious diseases. We are unable to understand the fact that health checkup can save us from an unexpected health crisis

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Regular health checkups help in identifying possible health conditions at an early stage and detection gives the best chance of fighting the diseases off without any complication. Even healthy individuals have to take regular health checkups at least once a year.

A Full body check up contains physical evaluation of your body, urine analysis, blood count test, blood pressure, blood glucose check, and other tests which is applicable as per your age and gender like Lipid Profile Test, Kidney function test, Thyroid profile test and complete hemogram test. Some checkups required in your 40s are as under.

1. Eye checks

2. Diabetic check

3. Cardiovascular check

Benefits of a regular health check up

1. It will provide you good health and your chances of falling ill will be less.

2. It will provide an early detection of any disease in your body and you can start the treatment early.

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3. Preventive health checkups are a requirement and not a choice it will definitely save your money in the long run

4. It will pair you with a good doctor which will inculcate good healthy habits in you as per your body requirement.

5. It will motivate you to lead a healthy lifestyle and free from any kind of diseases.

6. A regular health checkups will give you a chance to see which habits need to be changed to lower the risk of illnesses. It also provides assurance that your body is healthy

7. It will give you early detection of genetic diseases. Diabetes, heart disease and cancer are common hereditary diseases.