Popular sunglasses brands in India

Winter or summer, sunglasses add flair to any outfit. Isn’t? However, sunglasses are crucial since they shield us from the sun’s direct rays and prevent dust from entering. Originally worn to protect the eyes, sunglasses are today a part of a fashion statement made with a variety of designer accessories that suit your style and the way you want to express yourself. As a result, we have chosen for you the top and greatest sunglasses brands of 2023! Lets discuss the best one you can buy in India

1. Ray Ban- Ray-Ban, an American manufacturer of sunglasses and eyewear founded in 1937, is at the top of our list of the best sunglasses brands in India. The core of the brand is timeless, traditional, and stylish. Ray-Ban sunglasses are a classic example of functionality and design, influencing popular cultures all over the world. The most popular styles of Ray-Ban sunglasses are the aviators and wayfarers.

2. carrera- Since 1956, the Italian company Carrera has designed and manufactured outstanding sunglasses and sports eyewear as a member of the Safilo Group. Carrera chooses products that are original and fashionable based on her decades of experience and love of fashion. With protective and useful features, the brand offers a variety of lenses, frames, and forms. Our preferred choice is the well-known teardrop-shaped aviator.

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3. Fastrack- Fastrack is India’s top low-cost eyewear company; it was founded in 1998. It embodies the populace’s spirit of disobedience and exploration. The company embraces modern trends and keeps up with today’s youth. Sunglasses from Fastrack are super stylish, protective, and instantly fashionable. With a pair from this company, show off your individual sense of style. The selection of coloured sunglasses from Fastrack is gorgeous.

4. Polaroid- One of the top sunglasses brands in the world is the Polaroid Corporation. Polaroid is an American manufacturer of consumer electronics and eyewear that was founded in 1937. The company’s polarised lenses offer the highest level of UV protection and better, more comfortable viewing. Customers remain faithful to this brand because of its uncompromised quality, making it the best polarised sunglasses in India.

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5. Armani Exchange- Armani Exchange is a high-end sunglasses brand in India that was established in 1984. Italian clothes designer Giorgio Armani founded the trendy brand. The collection of sunglasses from Armani Exchange is the height of style. Compared to many other well-known brands, it is a relatively pricey sunglasses line. Quality and loyalty, on the other hand, make the investment worthwhile of its value.

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6. Vogue- Vogue is a brand of eyewear that was created in 1973 to offer the newest fashion trends at reasonable rates. The company caters to youthful, fashion-conscious customers worldwide with modern trends. It is a well-known brand of women’s sunglasses in India. Everybody can find something they like in Vogue, from basic circles to embroidered skinnies.