5 Simple Yoga Poses to Keep Kids Healthy in summers break

One of the most highly awaited times of the year, especially for kids, is the nearly one-month long summer break. There are many things to do and avoid as the summer holiday begins. Each and every student craves a break from their studies. However, after a few days of rest, children begin to feel restless and fall into a monotonous, sluggish routine. Parents are also having a hard time figuring out how to communicate with kids on a regular basis during this period. Why not practise yoga? Yoga is a good way to keep youngsters occupied during the summer, at least for 20 minutes each day, even though they may at first find it boring. In addition, summertime brings with it seasonal illnesses including dehydration, sunburn, lightheadedness, etc. As mercury levels rise, so do energy levels.

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1. wheel pose – wheel pose also known as chakrasana. This enjoyable yoga position strengthens the arms and calms the back and neck. To perform this pose, one must first lie on the floor with their legs folded, palms at their ears, and hands in the reverse position. Take a deep breath in and then elevate the pelvic areas while straightening your arms.

2. Cobra pose- It only needs lying flat on the stomach and dragging the torso backward with both hands on the sides. This is one of the easiest poses.  It enhances heart health, strengthens the back, and aids in blood circulation. It is popularly known as bhujangasana.

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3. Tree pose- it is called vrikshasana in hindi. To perform this pose, one must stand straight and maintain their feet close together. Then, fold one leg and place your foot perpendicularly on the inner thigh of the other leg. Take a breath and hold the namaskar pose for a few seconds. This promotes blood circulation, improves mental clarity, and lessens stress.

4. Camel pose- it is also known as uttara asana .The camel stance helps with digestion and extends the midsection. Additionally, it helps to reduce thigh fat and improves posture while relieving lower back pain. One must get on one’s knees to do this asana. After that, bend your head and spine backwards and try touching the feet.

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5. Easy sitting pose- it is also known as sukhasana. This is another asana to keep in mind if you’re thinking about teaching kids yoga. It is a simple sitting position that comprises sitting up straight and crossing one’s legs. It helps in relaxing the body and improves focus. it will correct the overall body posture and strengthen the back muscles. It promotes the flexibility of the child.