Popular Vitamin C serums available in India

Due to its wealth of skin-friendly properties, vitamin C is a valuable component in the skin care sector. Similarly, it is becoming more and more well-liked by individuals. Through the use of creams and cleansers, people are attempting to include vitamin C in their normal skincare regimen. A fantastic approach to profit from the wonders of the vitamin is by using vitamin C serums for the face. In India, there are several Vitamin C serums available from numerous companies. Lets discuss the best ones available in India.

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1. Garnier Bright complete Vitamin C face serum- The greatest revitalizing ingredients are used by Garnier, a top provider of skin and hair care products, to improve the consumer experience. When it comes to face serums, particularly those containing Vitamin C, it has a reputation for offering the best formulae for all skin types. Everyone who uses this serum has quick benefits because to the yuzu extracts in it. All customers adore this product since it has no hazardous substances. In addition, have a look at these top vitamin C face washes, which can aid you in boosting the quality of your face skin.

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2. Mamaearth Skin illuminating Face serum-The finest of Ayurveda is used by the Indian firm Mamaearth in a little bottle. The company’s face serum is devoid of any pollutants thanks to the inventive combinations of natural components like turmeric and sandalwood. This serum’s Vitamin C extract, which includes a tonne of antioxidants, is effective enough to fight hyperpigmentation. This serum’s moisturising ingredient, squalene, is derived from plants. It works on early-wrinkle-prone regions including smile lines and crow’s feet.

3. Wow skin science Vitamin C serum- Wow, Skin Science constantly creates new skin care and hair products. All of them are made with natural substances that are good for our skin and hair. This vitamin C serum’s active component with anti-aging benefits is hyaluronic acid. It makes your skin seem younger by minimising wrinkles and improving fine lines. A powerful component for revitalising lifeless skin is hazel extract.

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4.  Minimalist Vitamin C Face Serum – An emerging D2C skincare business in India called Minimalist doesn’t skimp on quality. All of the items are developed after thorough study and consideration of the needs of the Indian millennial market. Ethyl ascorbic acid is included in this vitamin C serum. It is Vitamin C in its purest form. One of the ingredients in the mix, ferulic acid, functions as a potent antioxidant. The fullerenes (C-60) in this serum make the skin appear more radiant. The minimum Vitamin C serum contains several naturally derived components in their best possible state, many of which are beneficial. They are helpful to our skin and produce results quickly. 

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5. Plum Vitamin C Face Serum –One of the few skincare companies in India that offers 100% vegan products is Plum. It considers the surroundings. As a result, all of its goods feature green packaging. Additionally, the company’s products contain natural components that are mild on skin. Japanese mandarin and Kakadu plums are the main ingredients in this vitamin C serum. This increases the skin’s ability to produce collagen, giving it a rejuvenated, youthful appearance.  This serum tops our list of the finest Vitamin C serums because to its distinctive composition. The benefits remain for a while, which makes you feel refreshed.

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