Vastu Advice for the living room to bring wealth, prosperity, and peace Into Your House

The traditional Indian architectural system utilized to maximize space is the subject of the research known as vastu shastra. It allowed our ancestors to construct magnificent buildings that remained warm in the winter and cool in the summer before we had the requisite appliances.

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However, there is not much you can do with the layout, design, ground preparation, and measures of the area if you live in apartments, flats, or purchase a property for resale. So that your home welcomes prosperity, money, and tranquility, science also advises adding a few components to remove vastu dosh and reconfigure the room for natural light.

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Your home’s living room is a crucial component. You spend a lot of time there with your loved ones. It is essential that the area be positive and full of affirmations. We chatted with vastu specialist and numismatist Dr. Madhu Kotiya to get some tips for making sure your living room complies with the vastu shastra’s rules.

You must have heard people claim that the five elements of earth, water, fire, sky, and air make up everyone and everything on Earth. They are necessary to maintain the existence of living things and to ensure a prosperous environment.

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You must be careful while arranging objects in each corner of the room since the Vastu Shastra lists eight directions: northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest, and north, east, and west. They can either draw prosperity if they perfectly line up with the direction, or they can draw unfavorable circumstances.

Living Room Direction- The optimum directions for your living room, according to Vastu Shastra, are east, northeast, and north. These directional signs stand for good vibes, joy, and wealth. Making decisions about the living room’s décor should take ample sunshine into consideration. It should have good ventilation and be illuminated by the sunlight. It will aid in bringing good energy into the area.

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Indoor Plants In Living Room- Indoor plants are the finest way to add more brilliant colors to the living area (House Plants Under Rs 200). They will maintain clean, fresh air, which will help to keep the area positive. The expert has recommended a number of plants, including the bamboo plant, areca palm, and money plant. Either north or east should be the direction they are situated. It will let in plenty of sunshine to keep them alive and make sure your place draws in good energy.

Living Room Furniture – Always overcrowding the area. People must have ample space to move around in the living room. Just because you want to decorate the space doesn’t imply you have to stuff new objects into every available space. The furniture should be put in place such that you may move it around easily without damaging anything. toward order to face either east or north when sitting on your sofa or chairs, they must be positioned toward the west or south. To bring positivity into the living space, the vastu specialist advises choosing a square or rectangular coffee table.

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Living Room Light – Make sure that your living space has access to natural light. It will enliven the area during the day and infuse it with a good vibe. Avoid introducing dazzling bright lighting and dark lighting when installing new light fixtures to the space. They make the environment less positive.

Living Room Colour- Vastu Shastra advises pastel and light colors for the living room in addition to the current fashion. Choose from a variety of light green, sky blue, cream, and white tones. These colors are calming to the eyes and frequently represent tranquility. They guarantee a calm setting where you can relax and coexist peacefully with your family.