Popular creams you can try in winters

Winter is magical, but dry, flaky skin is not! Your skin needs extra care during the winter, which is where the best creams for winter come in.

Advantages of winter moisturizing cream

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No matter how hard you try, the lack of moisture in the air can cause extreme dryness in your skin in the winter. Nonetheless, the best cold creams for winter can assist you in maintaining your shield. They trap moisture, forming a protective barrier against the elements. They also nourish your skin, preventing it from turning into a Sahara desert replica. Consider it a warm blanket for your skin, keeping it warm and happy even when the weather outside is dreadful.

Dabur Gulabari Cold cream

Dabur offers the Gulabari Moisturising Cold Cream, which is rich in rose goodness. The free Dabur Gulabari Rose Glow Lotion is the icing on the cake, ensuring hydrated, radiant skin.

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POND’S Cold Cream

For good reason, POND’S Moisturising Cold Cream is a classic. This winter must-have feels like a warm hug for your skin. Its rich, creamy texture deeply nourishes your skin, banishing dryness and leaving it soft and supple.

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Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream

Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream is a natural ingredient powerhouse. It’s a double treat for your skin because it’s enriched with aloe vera and winter cherry. This cream moisturizes as well as promotes skin health, making it a must-have in your winter skincare arsenal.

Ayur Herbal Cold Cream

Ayur Herbal Cold Cream with Aloevera is a massive skin potion. It’s a healing touch for dry, parched skin because it’s enriched with the goodness of aloe vera. Winter is no match for the hydrating power of this Ayur gem.

VLCC 3 In 1 Intense Care Cold Cream

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The 3 In 1 Intense Care Cold Cream by VLCC is not your typical moisturizer. It’s a powerhouse that not only moisturizes but also cares for you deeply. It’s a winter steal you shouldn’t pass up with its buy one, get one free offer.

NIVEA Soft Light Moisturizer

NIVEA Soft Light Moisturizer is the multitasker you need for your winter routine. This non-greasy cream with vitamin E and jojoba oil provides instant hydration for the face, hands, and body. Do you have the winter blues? Say good-by!

How can I avoid having dry skin in the winter?

Dry skin necessitates extra care, which entails changing some habits! Here are some suggestions for keeping your skin moisturized!

Hot showers should be avoided because they deplete your skin’s natural oils.

* Avoid using harsh soaps and instead use gentle cleansers.

* Avoid long, steamy baths, which may feel like a spa day but can dehydrate your skin.

* Don’t forget to hydrate from within as well. Drink water as if it were your secret skincare weapon.

* Resist the urge to exfoliate excessively because your skin requires a protective layer, especially in the winter chill!