Remedies you can try at home for babies to get rid of Cough and Cold

Small babies fall sick a lot during their first year. Today strong immunity is needed to avoid falling sick as infant cant express their feelings they cant even explain what the problem exactly is so we have to judge their condition by the symptoms. In case of cough and cold medicines are not recommended for children under 2 so we can take help from natural remedies. Lets discuss the natural remedies which can help in case of a toddler is suffering from cough and cold.

Take plenty of fuilds- when a kid is suffering from cough and cold it also creates dehydration problem in them. You have to give them lots of fluids to get rid of dehydration. Offer the baby breast milk or formula milk. Avoid giving sugar or juices. You can check whether they are suffering from dehydration as if the urine color is more dark offer more fluids to the kid .

Usage of saline water– if there is congestion in nose baby cant sleep and breath properly. You can put saline drops in to the nose of the kid to get rid of this problem.

Steam – You can use a humidifier to keep your baby safe from coughing. You have to clean and change the water daily in this . if you are not changing the water the bacteria can grow inside it. proper steaming is the best option to get rid of blockages of nose.

Hot shower-if the baby is stuffed up you can create your own steam room. You can run a hot shower and keep the door closed of the washroom until the bathroom will fill with the steam. You can sit with the baby in this room for 10-15 minutes. If your baby will breath in this steaming environment it will clear his blockages.

Healthy sleep-  Ahealthy sleep is a necessity for healthy immune system. If your baby is getting a healthy sleep it will help him to get rid of the cold and flu quickly make your baby more relaved and help him to get a good nap. It will help him to recover quickly.

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Sponge bath- if your baby is feeling feverishgive him a lukewarm water sponge bath  it will lower down the body temperature of the baby by few degrees. Don’t use cold water. If your child feel chilled with the bath get them out of the bath tub immediately.

Healthy foods– offer healthy foods to the baby to eat. Babies also need energy to fight against the diseases. If baby can eat solid food give them diet full of proteins and vegetables. If baby is beastfeeding only offer him milk again and again breast milk can help the baby to fight against the germs of cold.

Offer Honey- if thechild is above one year you can give a tablespoon of honey to get rid of the severe cough. Study shows that if you give one tablespoon of honey to the baby at night they will coughed less. But it is not recommended for younger babies.

Call a doctor- if cold and cough does not go away with these remedies. Call a paediatrician if the baby is continuously having cough and cold and temperature. If baby is feeling fussy in eating and drinking. A cough for longer than a week  or fever can lead to a serious condition so visit your doctor immediately.

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