How to make Best offers which nobody can’t resist  

Ultimate offers are great. Anywhere you go online or offline in this physical world you are constantly hit with offers. So how you can make the best offers

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1. Know what customer want

 You get to know your users what exactly they want. Some find it a boring exercise but this is the most exciting part of entire marketing. You have to know what usually works with users and spy on them online. Know them better like your best buddies and this is very important to pitch the correct offer

2. Check what your competitors are doing

Check what your competition is doing to attract customers the offer is present on their sites and keywords present in their ads. So you know what strategy you have to make to make your offer great.

3. Pitch your offer with your Best product

Your offer should hold your best products/ offering with any additional benefit

1. Offer any complementary product

2. Offer Buy one get one

3. Offer cash back/ Amazon gift card

4. Immediate discount offer

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4.  Place time based exclusive limited period offer Know what your users like some like an email, popup and LinkedIn feeds or search results add a limited period offer. Users are required to take an action now to redeem the offer. Don’t pitch any offer which is open for all and indefinite

5. Free Shipping- The heavy payment of shipping is the barrier to the completion of order specially if it is coming from nearby so offer of free shipping may be a way of getting round this problem.