Explore these foreign destinations where you can travel Visa Free

 India has got 87th rank in category of Powerful passports so if you have an Indian passport you can have access to 60 countries easily. If you have visa free access to your favourite tourist destination it will save your time and money so lets talk about amazing places where you can look for Visa free access

1. Nepal- if you want to visit Nepal for a holiday there is no need of a passport. However you must keep these documents with you

1. A valid Indian Passport

2.  children under age of 12 a birth certificate or school id and if you are under 18 a school or college id

2. Bhutan-Bhutan is a small country with several Himalayan Mountain passes if you want to travel to Bhutan you should carry a valid Indian passport with 6 months validity and voter id card

3. Myanmar- if you have a valid Indian passport you can apply for Myanmar visa online. if you have tourist visa you can stay in Myanmar for 28 days only.

4. Thailand- Thailand is best for shopping lovers and favourite spot for travellers .You can visit Thailand under visa on arrival scheme. Under this scheme you can stay in Thailand for 14 days.

5. Indonesia- you can visit Indonesia visa free for 30 days you must have a valid Indian passport for at least 6 month validity on arrival. Just complete your visa application for Indonesia and provide proof of travel (Tickets )